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Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Bombshell Effort to Defend Trump-Era Policy on Immigrants & Welfare

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of the Trump policy set down in the public charge case. What that policy did was to deny green cards to immigrants who would end up living on government freebies.

The Trump policy defined “public charge” as an immigrant who receives one or more designated public benefits for more than 12 months within a 36-month period.

Many government benefits are finite. In other words, once they are out of money for the year, such as in the case of HUD grants, no one else can collect benefits, no matter how badly off they might be. The idea is to preserve those benefits for American citizens. That is just common sense. But, the Biden administration that favors illegal aliens over the hated American citizens tried to stop the policy and allow as much feeding at the government trough by non-citizens as possible.

After the case moved to the Supreme Court, the Biden administration said that they refused to defend the public charge rule. That is when eleven states stepped in and decided they would defend the case themselves. Arizona AG Mark Brnovich is leading the charge.

The other states defending the rule include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

The concept behind the public charge rule instituted by President Trump was a simple one. It favored immigrants who would not be dependent on the federal government for their livelihood. But, Biden wants to reverse that for the simple reason that those who live off the government without paying taxes are much more likely to vote for Democrats, the taxpayers be damned.

From Fox News

The rule was struck down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but after the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, the Biden administration said it would not seek to defend the rule in court.

“The 2019 public charge rule was not in keeping with our nation’s values. It penalized those who access health benefits and other government services available to them,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in March.

As a result, a coalition of 11 Republican states led by Arizona sought to intervene to defend the rule, petitioning the Court to accept review of the case and have it heard in full. They accused the Biden administration of surrendering the case in a way that had been done by no prior administration.


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