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BREAKING: Steve Bannon Going To Prison For 2 Years!

You may well remember how the judge in the Steve Bannon lynching allowed Hillary supporters and campaign workers on the jury that found Bannon guilty of contempt of Congress. He also refused to allow him to enter into evidence that the J6 committee is illegal since the minority party was not allowed their preferred members onto the committee. The judge, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee would not even listen to hear arguments on Trump’s right to Executive Privilege.

To further make sure the law doesn’t work for conservatives, his appeal went to the same judge who made sure Bannon did not get a fair trial to begin with. To say this was not one of the finest judicial picks Trump ever made would be an extreme understatement.

The judge ruled:

“In the end, the defendant offers little to demonstrate that the actual testimony be would elicit would have been material to the issues at trial. That falls short of his burden.”

Excuse me, but if the commission was illegitimately set up, that would not be relevant?

“Defendant also argues that his rights “to confrontation, to effective counsel, and to a fair trial” were also denied. But these arguments are underdeveloped. Defendant never explains the governing legal test for these theories, nor explains how the facts of his case apply given that governing framework.”

Every defendant has the right to cross-examine witnesses for the prosecution. But this judge (sic) allowed input from the J6 commission but refused to allow Bannon to cross-examine them.

From The Gateway Pundit

After deliberating for three hours, a DC jury in July found Steven Bannon guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas to the controversial and completely biased January 6 Select Committee.

Bannon refused to provide documents to the January 6 Committee because President Trump asserted executive privilege.

“Based on long-standing U.S. Department of Justice authority, you should not appear for deposition or provide documents,” Bannon argued.

Steve Bannon blasted the “gutless” January 6 Committee members in remarks outside of the courtroom in July after the guilty verdict was announced.

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