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BUSTED: Chris Cuomo Caught In Yet ANOTHER HUGE LIE! [Video]

Chris Cuomo was decked out like a  real reporter doing a report on the war in Ukraine. But, just 24 hours later, he was spotted in the Hamptons. Noe, it is possible to go from Ukraine in a day and be back in the Hamptons, but if I had to bet, the closest he got to Ukraine was Montauk Point. He is saying that he is rebranding himself as a free agent. I suspect he is looking for a job that he never could find,

This video is a reminder of the time MSNBC hack Malcolm Nance putting on a helmet and claiming he was fighting alongside Ukrainian troops battling the Russian invaders. It is absurd to think of a Democrat being a war hero. Look at the history. name a prominent Democratic general. But, it is easy to name Republican heroes. In the Civil War, there were three main generals who won the war. Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan. All Republicans from Ohio. In WWI there was Pershing and in WWII you had Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley.

Now, we have the courageous Chris Cuomo.

Daily Mail reports today that Cuomo was spotted in the Hamptons yesterday, one day after releasing his reports from Ukraine.

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was spotted out in the Hamptons just a day after he appeared to be reporting live from Ukraine while rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ in an effort to rehabilitate his career.

Cuomo looked relaxed in a casual t-shirt and ball cap as he strolled around Sag Harbor, New York on Tuesday with actor Gregg Bello, a friend who has supported the ousted anchor since his December 4 firing from CNN.

Cuomo, 51, announced on Instagram Monday that he was rebranding himself as a ‘free agent’ and shared videos of his reporting from Ukraine while plugging merchandise – including a ‘Free Agent’ shirt that his friend Bello was seen wearing on Tuesday.


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