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Trump’s Right Hand Man Exposes How The FBI Violated His CIVIL RIGHTS … This Is TYRANNY!

Peter Navarro is making some serious charges against the FBI agents who arrested him. He says that the FBI agents that arrested him, Special Agents Walter Giardina and Special Agent Sebastian Gardner, neither read him his rights nor did they allow him to call his lawyer. These are serious violations of his constitutional rights and could have serious consequences for the FBI agents and any superior whose orders they were following.

Navarro is now asking the court to force the FBI to provide him with a wide range of material pertaining to his arrest:

To determine key facts in this case, including facts related to the defendant’s motion requesting a continuance, the defendant moves that the prosecution immediately provide: (1) all video and audio recordings of the defendant’s arrest from the jetway at Reagan airport to the FBI holding facility, (2) full transcripts of the conversations that took place, (3) all notes that contributed to the report issued on June 6, 2022 by Special Agents Walter Giardina and Special Agent Sebastian Gardner; and (4) signed affidavits from Special Agents Walter Giardina and Sebastian Gardner denying the defendant requested a call for legal advice on the jetway where he was taken and stating that he was read his Miranda rights from a written sheet of paper.

The defendant further moves that the prosecution reveal any role it may have played, and provide any associated documents, in the assignment of a public defender mere minutes before the arraignment in lieu of allowing the defendant to call for legal advice during his hours of incarceration prior to the magistrate’s hearing after the defendant specifically requested the ability to do so immediately upon his arrest in the jetway.

As soon as the defendant asked to call for legal advice, the agents should have read from a written card the defendant his Miranda rights and done everything within their power to allow him a phone call to seek legal advice as he requested well prior to his court appearance. They did not do so and thereby deprived the defendant of appropriate legal counsel.

Navarro also states that he was handcuffed and placed in leg irons without access to water. Just one more reason the FBI must be disbanded. They have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party and if the are continue to exist, it must be the DNC who foots the bill and not the American taxpayer.


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