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Auditors Caught Backdating Voting Machines!


Observers at the Windham, NH audit have seen some things that seem to be very curious. It may be ignorance or it could be criminal. But, either way, it could spark an investigation or better yet, a state-wide audit of the voting. One thing the observers noticed was that auditors had backdated machines under review.

They also say they saw other curious behavior by the auditors.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier in the week that two of the three auditors had close ties to Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer.

So, it appears that the fix was in and we don’t know what they did to the machines but I suspect whatever it was, it covered up something they don’t want someone to find out later.

Harry Hursti, Ph.D., has obscured professional relationships with the other two auditors. Hursti exposed the fact in 2005 that the machines that these Diebold memory cards could be easily hacked and manipulated to secretly change vote counts. He also proved that the changed votes would totally undetectable.

Why does he not mention that fact now?

Populist Press reported this evening:

The forensic audit in Windham, New Hampshire is over, but the momentum to keep it alive is just getting started. Late Thursday, Marilyn Todd of NH Voter Integrity Group made some bombshell discoveries.

Last Friday, when the machine reports were being printed at the audit, Todd, who has kept a close watch on Hursti, took pictures of them. Late Thursday, she had the report pictures up on her computer when something earth-shattering caught her eye. She spoke about it Thursday evening in a live video with Nick Moseder, CannCon, Susan Dee Settenbrino, and Professor David Clements.

Marilyn Todd of NH Voter Integrity Group:

Todd, a financial auditor and founder of NH Voter Integrity Group discovered curious listings oin auditor reports including:

Line 30 – Session Start, date 5/12/21

Line 31 – Machine put in “Supervise Mode”

Line 33 – Memory Card Reset

Line 34 – Session Start, date 5/12/21

Line 35 – Prep for Election

Line 36 – Clear Counters

Line 37 – Session Start, date 11/3/20

Line 43 – Session Start, date 11/5/20

According to Todd and reported by UncoverDC, Hursti, he would have to reset the memory card because it was not possible to clear the counters.

That is odd since some of the reports were backdated and some weren’t.

If it wasn’t possible to reset them, how did they manage to do it on some reports? Notice that some of the reports were dated November 3rd, election day, and others were dated 5/12/2021.


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