Videos Out Of China Show The US, Under Biden Is F***ed, This Is Disturbing


If you think the Chinese embarrassed Joe Biden in Alaska yesterday, look at the differences in the ads for the military. The difference between the Biden ads and the Chinese ads tell you all you need to know about which country is ready to win a war and which country may be woke but wouldn’t last a week against the Chinese. While China emphasizes weapons and more manly soldiers, the Biden commercials are politically correct but military incorrect.

The US military led by Biden and DOD Lloyd Austin is busy waging war against Tucker Carlson and getting their butts kicked while the Chinese are preparing for a real war. Never in the history of this country has our military been so inept and unprepared for real-life battles. No, Gen Austin, transgenders don’t make our military better, soldiers do. And you are missing another great point in your quest to be inclusive.

Name one great liberal general. Washington, Wayne, Lee, Grant, Pershing, Patton, Eisenhower, Bradley, Westmoreland. These were all great generals but they were also all conservatives. War is not a game. One more thing you need to ask yourself. When in our history have we been attacked when our military is at its strongest? That’s an easy one. Never. A strong military is the best peacekeeper there is.

All you have to do is compare these commercials  to determine which country is ready to fight and win:

Now for our beloved US Military:

Chinese weapons systems:

From The Daily Caller

The Pentagon went after Carlson after he mocked President Joe Biden for touting “maternity flight suits” and other efforts to make the military appear more inclusive as the chief priority of the DOD. Carlson’s criticism appears substantiated if you look at the way the U.S. military advertises itself and compare it to the Chinese military’s ads.

China’s ads are chiefly about communicating power and seem completely unconcerned with the race or gender of the people in them. U.S. military ads sound like corporate ads, emphasizing pay benefits, “grievances” and more.

One of China’s latest ads looks like something out of Call of Duty, slapping footage of gunfights, missiles and tanks together with a rap soundtrack.

The ad shows soldiers blasting terrorists holding hostages, going so far as to show one terrorist get shot in the head. China’s message is clear: Being a soldier is cool, and our only goal is victory.

Compare that to this one from the U.S. Army, titled “U.S. Army Supports Diversity Awareness,” in which actual war seems to take a back seat.

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Ollie May 5, 2021
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The Army could have a special Transgenda Unit ( STU ) 
Edwin Gomez March 21, 2021
| | |
Apparently the generals in charge have gone woke and have completely lost sight of their one and only mission! That is being ready to defend this country, it is laudable to work on culture and the racial challenges that affect us but from my time in the Army it was by far the most inclusive and color blind in America! I am not saying that color wasn’t an issue along with LGT etc., but the US Military is not and should not be viewed or used as a social experiment. They have one job and one job only, to defend this country anything else distracts them from their job and weakens them. A weak, divided force is an ineffective force that will be destroyed easily, that means it will cost a huge price in our soldiers lives! As to inclusivity of LGBT etc., remember soldiers live and work in very close quarters, privacy is a dream they live, eat, bathe and sleep together so keeping a soldier’s private life separate is very hard!