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Alert: Iranian Warships Do Battle With American Fleet In Straight of Hormuz

More than a dozen Iranian gunboats began harassing six US warships that were escorting a submarine. The warships fired several warning shots.

The Biden administration tried to cover up the attack by claiming it was local military leaders and not the Iranian government but do you really believe local commanders would be allowed to make this kind of decision that could lead to war? Iran talks a good game but no way do they want a war with us.

Well, maybe with Biden as president they know they have nothing to worry about. The Iranians have a distinct advantage because Joe Biden is such a weak leader and is practically on his knees begging Iran to sign a nuclear deal they will never keep.

Biden is reportedly offering to do away with Iran’s terrorist designation and lifting all sanctions that have been so effective. He may also send in John Kerry to spill more state secrets.

Fox News Pentagon correspondent Lucas Tomlinson said:

“Over a dozen Iranian gunboats harass formation of six U.S. warships including guided-missile submarine Georgia. U.S. Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots in response in Strait of Hormuz.”

The 13 Iranian military vessels reportedly came within 150 yards of U.S. Forces, which fired 30 warning shots. This could be considered a major escalation since other encounters only included a couple of gunboats.

U.S. Central Command’s General Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie said:

“The activities we typically see from the IRGC Navy are not necessarily activities that are directed by the supreme leader or from the Iranian state. Rather [they are] irresponsible actions by local commanders on the scene. We’re very careful to ensure that we don’t get into a provocative cycle as a result of that. Luckily, our guys are pretty good … they’re very mature and they’re able to de-escalate the situation.”

In their latest bi-monthly tracker on the Biden administration’s policies, FDD concluded that Biden’s work on Iran was “very negative,” writing:

The Biden administration reportedly offered to lift U.S. terrorism sanctions on Iran in exchange for Tehran’s agreement to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal. The offer, which includes sanctions relief for the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), and other entities and sectors behind the financing of Iran-sponsored terrorism and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, would breach earlier commitments made by Secretary Blinken. In 2020, he vowed that if elected, the Biden administration would “continue non-nuclear sanctions as a strong hedge against Iranian misbehavior in other areas.” During his 2021 Senate confirmation hearing, Blinken was asked whether he believed it was in America’s national security interest to lift terrorism sanctions currently imposed on Iran, including the CBI and NIOC. “I do not,” Blinken responded, “and I think there is nothing … inconsistent with making sure that we are doing everything possible – including the toughest possible sanctions, to deal with Iranian support for terrorism.” Last week, however, State Department Spokesperson Ned Price suggested terrorism sanctions imposed on Iran were inconsistent with the nuclear deal – a departure from Blinken’s testimony and a troubling sign that the White House is prepared to cave to the regime’s key demands, while gaining nothing tangible in return.


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