Cuomo’s Past Just Came Back To End His Career … Once & For All


A third woman has come forward with sexual harassment accusations against Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo attended a wedding of friends of Anna Ruch.  The newest accuser said she thanked Cuomo for attending her friend’s wedding when he placed his hand on her bare lower back.

Using her hand, she removed Cuomo’s hand but she said he did not get the message that she did not want him touching her. He later kissed her on the cheek.

As the number of women increases, the calls for Cuomo to resign become louder and louder. Not just from Republicans but from Democrats as well.

There has also been stepping forward revealing how Cuomo threatens those who do not toe his line.

Assemblyman Ron Kim claims that Cuomo called him and threatened to destroy him.

A reporter has made the same sort of accusation against Cuomo.

Cuomo should have seen this coming. After all, he can no longer be used as a club against Trump after it was discovered that Cuomo was covering up the number of nursing home deaths from the pandemic.

Democrats do not mess around. After you are no longer useful to the Democrats, they will let you sink under your own weight. Just ask David Hogg and Greta Thunberg just to name a couple of examples.

I’m not sure Cuomo could even be charged with a crime since he used no weapons and the liberals claim that transgender women have no advantage over the real thing.

That’s what they keep telling us isn’t it? She should have easily beaten him up because women are as strong as men despite what science says.

From The Daily Caller

“It’s the act of impunity that strikes me,” Ruch told the publication. “I didn’t have a choice in that matter. I didn’t have a choice in his physical dominance over me at that moment. And that’s what infuriates me. And even with what I could do, removing his hand from my lower back, even doing that was not clear enough.”

Two former Cuomo employees, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, have also accused the governor of sexual harassment in the workplace. Cuomo has denied the allegations and said that he is often “being playful” and making “jokes that I think are funny” with employees.

Ruch’s account differs from the others in that she never worked for Cuomo or for New York State. She formerly worked for President Barack Obama’s administration and for the 2020 Biden campaign, according to the Times.


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GRIZZ MANN March 2, 2021
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Everyone must realize that he is a good Democrat. Also these apocalypse claims are really Democrat rèsumè enhancements. All will be forgiven.
JIM March 2, 2021
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When you are that ugly you have to be extra nice to the ladies, not slap them around.