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Breaking: Huge Developments In AZ Voter Fraud Case – Secret Ballots Discovered! … Where They Were Points To Massive Fraud

Just days before an audit ordered by the Arizona State Senate was to begin the recount of ballots in Maricopa County, a man found shredded ballots inside a dumpster just outside the counting facility.

Why were they shredded? Were they Trump ballots they later replaced with Biden ballots? From the picture I saw, there are clear markings on the ballots, proving they weren’t extra empty ballots.

Maricopa County has been trying their best to keep from getting a real audit of the ballots. They even brought in their own auditors who have a history of clearing Dominion Voting in multiple countries and nothing else.

The state is bringing their own auditors after it was discovered that the audits were not even meant to pick up cheating or other irregularities in the voting or the machines.

The validity of the 2 million ballots in the county was never even considered in the programs reportedly used by these audit firms:

USA Today came out with a report about the audits recently performed in Maricopa County Arizona.  The report notes:

The county hired outside auditors to tryto show the county’s election was fair, but many who have doubts about its integrity are calling the effort a charade, even before the findings are announced.

“The two audits they have are a joke,” state Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, said Feb. 8 on the Senate floor. “They aren’t meant to find fraud, even if there is fraud.”

Senate Republicans want to do their own audit, including a hand count of about 26% of mail-in ballots — something that the county’s new audit does not do.

From The Gateway Pundit

Again, this work is very weak in the year 2020 and they are not ‘election’ audits but rather are machine audits.  Any invalid ballots included in Maricopa’s 2020 election results will never be addressed in these machine audits.

The USA Today went on the share that these two audits will cost the County $56,815 and then some because these two outfits will also review the procurement process which included the selection of Dominion Voting machines in the county.  What an absolute waste of taxpayer money.

The USA Today goes on to report that the machine audits are valuable and that an expert says hand recounts are better.  Again, both of these assessments are wrong.  The best audit of the results of the 2020 election is to perform an audit of the ballots included in the 2020 election and determine that they were valid.


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