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Jesse Waters Makes Earth Shattering Claim About Epstein, Obama, Clinton & MORE

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The Wall Street Journal recently published a startling report that uncovered new information regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s connections with high-profile individuals from the left-wing political sphere. According to the report, Epstein had met with several notable figures, including current CIA Chief William Burns, following his conviction for crimes related to child sex trafficking.

An investigation into Epstein’s private calendar uncovered multiple scheduled meetings with Burns, Bard College president Leon Botstein, former White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, and professor Noam Chomsky. While evidence confirming every single meeting could not be found, the report did verify that Epstein did meet with Burns on three separate occasions, both in Washington D.C. and at Epstein’s Manhattan residence.

In response to the report, a CIA spokeswoman confirmed that Burns did in fact meet with Epstein in 2014. However, she stated that Burns had no knowledge of Epstein’s controversial history, and only sought his advice as he was looking to transition out of the government sector.

Meanwhile, on Fox News, commentator Jesse Watters insinuated that Epstein was an intelligence asset, and this latest revelation will only add fuel to the persistent conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s connections to powerful figures in politics, business, and possibly even intelligence agencies. It remains to be seen if any further evidence will come to light regarding these suspicious connections.

Here is what Watters said:

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. So why do we still know nothing about him? Well, we’re finding out tonight some answers. The Wall Street Journal just got its hands on Jeffrey Epstein’s private calendar, and it was a lot more suspicious than Brett Kavanaugh’s. Epstein was meeting with the kind of people you’d think would steer clear of a convicted pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein was meeting with one of Barack Obama. His top lawyers, Kathryn Ruemmler. She met with Epstein dozens of times. Epstein even tried to set up Obama’s lawyer to work for Bill Gates. How is Jeffrey Epstein? A fixer between Obama’s lawyer and Bill Gates? Epstein was also meeting with Joe Biden’s, CIA director. He wasn’t CIA director at the time. He was Barack Obama’s deputy secretary of State. William Burns was working for John Kerry at the State Department and meeting with Jeffrey Epstein, a known pedophile. And then Burns becomes CIA director. Today’s, director of the CIA went to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, where Epstein had sex with underage girls and where he filmed other men having sex with underage girls. And William Burns went there and was then promoted to the director of the CIA. Now, I wonder if the future CIA director saw the portrait of Bill Clinton in a blue dress hanging in Epstein’s parlor room.

A few years later, Epstein was arrested and then hung himself in a jail cell while security cameras just happened to not be working and the replacement guards just happened to fall asleep. And two years later, Biden just happens to pick William Burns to run the CIA. So what are we supposed to think?

It’s never been more clear. Epstein was an intelligence asset. Not only was he working for the CIA, Israeli intelligence, maybe even Russia intelligence. So was the American government allowing an asset to traffic and molest teenage girls all over the world for intelligence? Were we allowing Epstein to commit crimes against children for blackmail material? We asked the CIA director, William Burns, why were you meeting with a convicted pedophile at his disgusting townhouse? And the CIA director said this – the director did not know anything about him other than that he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector. They had no relationship. So Obama’s State Department official couldn’t have asked anybody else in the entire country for help with a job in finance. He could have called any CEO, any hedge fund manager, any banking director, but he meets with Jeffrey Epstein, a guy that doesn’t even really have a real business, a guy that doesn’t even have a website, a guy that, as far as we know, only had one client the CEO of Victoria’s Secret.

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