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Certifiably INSANE Joy Reid LOSES HER MIND, Slips Up & Says The Quiet Part Out Loud!

OPINION| Well, well, well, my fellow Trump supporters, it seems like MSNBC’s resident wacko, Joy Reid, has finally lost her marbles. In a recent video, she claimed that Joe Biden’s health is irrelevant, and she doesn’t care if he’s in a wheelchair, as long as Donald Trump doesn’t win the election. Talk about desperation!

I mean, seriously, folks, is this the best the left can come up with? They’re so afraid of Trump winning that they’re willing to overlook Biden’s obvious health issues? It’s like they’re saying, “Sure, our candidate might be a walking corpse, but at least he’s not Trump!”

But let’s be real here, folks. This is just another example of the left’s hypocrisy and double standards. If Trump had a health issue, you know they’d be all over it like white on rice. They’d be calling for his resignation, claiming he’s unfit to serve, and demanding that he step down immediately. But when it comes to Biden, they’re willing to overlook anything as long as it means keeping Trump out of the White House.

And let’s not forget, folks, that Biden’s health is a legitimate concern. The man is 78 years old, and he’s already shown signs of cognitive decline. He’s made numerous gaffes, forgotten names and places, and even admitted that he’s “not sure” if he’s running for president. If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is.

But according to Joy Reid, none of that matters. As long as Trump doesn’t win, she’s willing to overlook Biden’s health issues. It’s like she’s saying, “Who cares if our candidate is a walking disaster? At least he’s not Trump!”
In the end, it doesn’t matter what Joy Reid or the rest of the liberal media says. The American people will decide who they want as their president, and I have a feeling they’re going to choose the guy who’s strong, healthy, and ready to Make America Great Again!


Well, I’ve got news for you, Joy. The American people care. They want a president who is strong, healthy, and mentally sharp. They want a leader who can stand up to our enemies, negotiate with our allies, and make tough decisions when it matters most. And let’s be honest, folks, that’s not Joe Biden.

So, to all my fellow Trump supporters out there, take heart in the fact that the left is so afraid of our guy that they’re willing to overlook Biden’s obvious health issues. It just goes to show how desperate they are to keep Trump out of the White House. But we know the truth, and we won’t be fooled by their lies and propaganda.

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