OMG! New Discovery PROVES BIBLICAL Story of God & His Angels Is REAL

In a stunning archaeological find, researchers have uncovered an ancient military base that may provide evidence supporting a biblical story involving God’s intervention to protect Jerusalem from an invading Assyrian army. The discovery, which aligns with accounts in the Bible, sheds light on a remarkable event that took place around 2,700 years ago.
According to the biblical narrative, the Assyrian King Sennacherib led an army to conquer Jerusalem. However, the city was miraculously spared when an angel of the Lord struck down 185,000 soldiers in a single night. This divine intervention is recounted in the books of 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, and Isaiah.
The newly discovered military base, located near Jerusalem, matches the description of Sennacherib’s encampment as depicted in ancient carvings found in his palace. The carvings illustrate the layout of the camp, which researchers were able to match with the physical site using early aerial photographs.
What makes this discovery even more compelling is the absence of human habitation at the site for 2,600 years, followed by pottery sherds from the exact time of Sennacherib’s invasion of Lachish. This suggests that the site was abandoned shortly after the biblical event and remained untouched for centuries.
Furthermore, the ancient Arabic name for the ruins, Khirbet al Mudawwara, translates to “The Ruins of the Camp of the Invading Ruler,” further linking the site to Sennacherib’s campaign against Jerusalem.
This discovery adds to a growing body of evidence supporting the historicity of biblical events. While some skeptics may dismiss the biblical account as mere legend, the archaeological record continues to provide tangible proof of the events described in Scripture.
For believers, this discovery serves as a powerful reminder of God’s sovereignty and the reliability of His Word. It also highlights the importance of maintaining a biblical worldview in the face of skepticism and criticism.
As Christians, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is actively involved in human history and that His Word is trustworthy. This discovery is a testament to the enduring power of the biblical narrative and its ability to withstand the scrutiny of time and investigation.

The earliest aerial photograph of Jerusalem (lower left) with an oval fortification visible on a hill in the upper right. Public Domain, from the collection of the Library of Congress. – THE GATEWAY PUNDIT

Bottom: The entire scene from Sennacherib’s palace wall as drawn by its excavator, Austen Henry Layard, in 1849. Top: The same landscape as photographed from a plane in 1945, prior to modern alterations to the landscape. Correlating the two indicated a likely location for the ruins of Sennacherib’s camp. Created from two public domain images: Austen Henry Layard’s 1849 excavation drawings of the Lachish relief and a 1945 aerial photograph taken as part of a mapping effort by the British Mandate government of Palestine.

Ruined walls visible today at the site of Sennacherib’s Lachish camp. S.C. Compton

Stone panels commemorating the conquest of Lachish from the walls of the Assyrian Emperor Sennacherib’s palace show his military camp. The twenty-four guard towers in the camp’s perimeter wall, each with three windows visible, indicate a substantial fortification. S. C. Compton

The site of Sennacherib’s Jerusalem camp, now known as Ammunition Hill. S.C. Compton

In conclusion, the discovery of this ancient military base provides compelling evidence for the biblical account of God’s intervention to protect Jerusalem. It serves as a reminder of the trustworthiness of Scripture and the reality of God’s presence in human history. As we continue to study and explore the world around us, may we remain steadfast in our faith and confident in the truth of God’s Word.
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