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VIDEO: Laura Ingraham SELLS OUT & ATTACKS President Trump – This Is Why FOX SUCKS!

Recently, Fox News host Laura Ingraham came out to seemingly belittle former President Donald Trump over his continued discussion about the controversial 2020 election. It’s time for him to move on and stop ‘whining’ she said.

But is this truly the right thing to do? Do we really want a leader who doesn’t question what happened in the past? Do we want someone who will just accept any lies or questionable activity without asking questions? Absolutely not!

We need a leader who isn’t afraid to ask questions, investigate and scrutinize. A leader who won’t be silenced by those in power but instead stands up for what’s best for the people. That is why President Donald Trump was so successful – he had no problem asking tough questions and fighting for justice even when it wasn’t popular.

Ingraham’s plea for Trump to “be magnanimous and be the elder statesman” implies that silence equals greatness which is simply not true. We don’t need a president who will stay silent; rather, we need one with strength of character, courage and conviction to speak out in defense of our democracy.

In fact, speaking up is how America has achieved progress throughout its history – civil rights movement, women’s suffrage etc. The suggestion that Trump should refocus his energies on 2024 also seems shortsighted because it does nothing to address the issues at hand or hold anyone accountable for possible wrongdoings during last year’s election.

What good would it do if Trump just decided to leave all these allegations behind without seeking answers or finding out what actually happened? The answer is none!

Heck, accountability should not come down solely on Republican governors or senators either – they too have an obligation to ensure that all votes are counted fairly and accurately!

Below is the transcript via Fox News:

“Campaign by trials — it’s happening again and it’s even worse than, let’s say, six months ago, because now President Biden knows that we know that he knows he’s losing it.

“I’m going to offer my free advice to both Trump and DeSantis — both will probably be unhappy, but there you have it. As someone who’s covered seven previous presidential campaigns and worked for President Reagan, I think it’s time that both of you candidates remember a few things. First, to Gov. DeSantis. The voters in Ohio and Arizona, Pennsylvania — they don’t know you very well, but they don’t want to hear a litany of Florida accomplishments at this point, as great as they are.

“They want to know that you’re going to be able to defeat Biden on the issue that is number one: the economy. So, talk about the economy. What are your specific solutions to protect American jobs and bring down the price of energy? Smile, also. Have fun out there. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and ask the people what’s on their minds. I promise you it will not be Disney or Bud Light, and as for President Trump, keep your eye on the prize: 270 electoral votes. Everything you say, everything you do, should be geared to winning in the states you need to win.

“This should be a 50-state campaign for America. Attacking popular Republican governors or senators and battleground states is more than unwise. It’s self-destructive. Why do it? Voters in a general election want to vote for a winner, not a whiner. So please, for the love of God, stop talking about 2020. That will not bring a single voter out to support you who didn’t support you before. You need to grow the pot, not shrink it. Be magnanimous and be the elder statesman that Biden is not obviously capable of. That will reassure people, and look, your policies worked before, they’re going to work again. The Democrats are banking on these trials and they’re banking on a distracted electorate to pull Biden over the finish line. Hey guys, let’s not let them get away with that.”

It goes without saying then that questioning authority is essential if we ever hope to make our democratic republic stronger and more equitable than ever before – something American citizens deserve after enduring such an unpredictable year like 2020.

Whether you support Trump or not, it needs to be acknowledged that revisiting past events can help us better understand where mistakes may have been made so they can be avoided in future elections-not swept under the rug due to political convenience .

So let’s take Laura Ingraham’s words with a grain of salt eh folks! Our country deserves better than what she suggested – transparency matters more than anything else right now !

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