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George Soros In FORCED Into PANIC MODE

Rich Welsh| Multi-billionaire leftist Democrat super donor George Soros, the evil one, has written an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal attempting to justify his support for funding radical woke prosecutors across the country who prosecute the wrong people and lower bail requirements or remove bail altogether, allowing criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes causing a rise in crime rates in nearly every jurisdiction they run.

Every child in America should have a George Soros dartboard on their bedroom wall because he is destroying America and if we allow him to keep going, by the time children of today become adults, they will no longer recognize the greatest nation on earth.

Soros started in 2018 funding woke district attorney candidates, helping elect dozens of prosecutors in large Democrat city jurisdictions, working to unseat centrist Democrats. And their work product has brought skyrocketing crime rates to the unfortunate people who live in those communities, bringing them violent crime, chaos, social unrest, a breakdown of the civil society, and causing as many who can do so, to move out.

California voters have had enough. In June, radical San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin (D) was thrown out in a recall election. George Gascón now has a target on his office for a recall because he, too, is a radical leftist lunatic who is allowing the city to run rampant with crime.

Kim Gardner, radical woke St. Louis Circuit Attorney [prosecutor], famously charged Mark and Patricia McCloskey with unlawful use of weapons charges for using their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves and their property when a George Floyd mob broke through the locked gate of their property and the couple halted them from destroying their home and possibly worse, by standing their ground with firearms.

Imagine the gall of this woman to do such a thing.

Gardner charged the McCloskeys and not one of the rioters who broke onto their private property. The prosecutor was eventually removed from the McCloskey case, and the Missouri Supreme Court upheld that decision.

Cook County State’s Attorney [prosecutor] Kim Foxx, another Soros-funded woke prosecutor, dropped all charges against actor/singer Jussie Smollett for his involvement in his hate crime hoax, claiming she didn’t know if her office could get a conviction, even though Chicago police went to great lengths to gather evidence against Smollett because his hate crime hoax took up a lot of police time and resources that were taken away from citizens in trouble who really need it.

The evidence against Smollett was overwhelming and yet Foxx said she dropped the charges because she didn’t think she could get a conviction.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

A network of progressive prosecutors boosted by the left-wing billionaire George Soros is rushing to defend a Virginia prosecutor who lied to reduce a career criminal’s prison sentence.

The Soros-funded group slammed circuit court judge James Plowman for removing Loudoun County commonwealth’s attorney Buta Biberaj (D.) from a robbery case. Plowman took the unprecedented step of throwing the progressive prosecutor and her team off the case after discovering she had withheld information about a 19-year-old burglar’s criminal record in order to “sell” a lenient prison sentence. In an amicus brief to the Virginia Supreme Court, Fair and Just Prosecution said the judge trampled on the prosecutorial discretion of Biberaj, whom voters elected “to reverse the course of mass incarceration.”

In the op-ed piece, Soros tries to defend his support for what he calls “reform” prosecutors, describing the “false choice” between “justice” (by which he means left-wing “social justice”) land public safety:

We need to acknowledge that black people in the U.S. are five times as likely to be sent to jail as white people. That is an injustice that undermines our democracy.

He’s talking about “equity” here, the idea that if black people commit crimes at a higher rate than white people, in order to be equitable, black criminals should go to prison at the same rate as white people, or some such nonsense like that.

What the equity in social justice always forgets to consider is the innocent black Americans who live in the communities that are hammered with crime or how they have the right to live their lives in peace.

Soros goes on:

In recent years, reform-minded prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials around the country have been coalescing around an agenda that promises to be more effective and just. This agenda includes prioritizing the resources of the criminal-justice system to protect people against violent crime. It urges that we treat drug addiction as a disease, not a crime. And it seeks to end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness.

“More effective and just” to criminals is what he is saying. When you release violent criminals without bail, it means they get to go back on the streets to create more mayhem for the same communities Soros and his band of lawless prosecutors are ignoring.

Case in point. In New York, a man tried to stab Republican Representative Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor while he was at a campaign stop giving a speech. The man jumped up on the stage, approached Zeldin, and said to him, “You’re done,” as he pulled out a double-bladed knife and tried to stab him in the throat.

You want to talk about inciting violence? The attack happened only hours after Governor Kathy Hochul (not elected) doxxed his campaign stop and told her supporters that they should crash the event.

The man was released without hours of his arrest on a felony charge on his own recognizance a couple of hours later. No bail. Zeldin is a United States congressman and a candidate for governor of New York and they released a man who tried to kill him without bail.

Soros continued:

Serious scholars researching causes behind the recent increase in crime have pointed to other factors: a disturbing rise in mental illness among young people due to the isolation imposed by Covid lockdowns, a pullback in policing in the wake of public criminal-justice reform protests, and increases in gun trafficking. Many of the same people who call for more-punitive criminal-justice policies also support looser gun laws.

To show his op-ed was nothing but politics, Soros repeated the false claim that Gascón himself has said in that murder rates are the worst in Republican-run states. That’s true, but like Gascón and other lying progressive Democrats, Soros ignored the fact that the cities he’s talking about in Republican-run states are in Democrat-run cities.

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