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Costco Forced To Give Bud Light Away As Coors Miller Lite Pallets Are EMPTY in Sam’s Club [Video]

I want to start by saying that I feel badly for the young person who is featured in these ads.  Anheuser-Busch knew that this ad campaign was going to be EXTREMELY controversial and didn’t seem to think twice about how that would effect the psyche of their new spokesperson.

They basically threw this kid to the wolves in order to what?  Drug up some controversy?

It’s no surprise that there would be backlash after you put a male to female trans person on the can of a historically ground American male centric brand.

This is wrong on so many levels, perhaps most so to their ‘brand ambassador’ who is now faced with millions of critical comments that their body/self image just doesn’t need to be dealing with.

Here are the consequences …

100 Percent Fed Up reported and Opined – Bud Light sales continue to tank in the wake of Anheuser-Busch’s disastrous decision to partner with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, prompting a nationwide boycott.

At a Sam’s Club in Port Huron, Michigan, a video shows completely untouched stacks of unsold Anheuser-Busch products, including Stella Artois, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, and Budweiser. Meanwhile, the Coors Light pallet is completely empty, and the Miller Lite pallet has only 3 cases left.

On Sunday, conservative commentator Ryan Fournier shared a photo on Facebook showing that Costco had drastically slashed the price of their Bud Light 36-packs.

Normally priced at around $30, the cases of beer were going for the shockingly low price of $14.97.

This means each can of Bud Light in the pack costs about 41 cents.

After partnering with Mulvaney for an advertising deal, a major boycott of the company’s products began.

Due to a major part of its consumer base turning against the company, Anheuser-Busch suffered an astonishing $5 billion loss.

As the backlash for this marketing decision grew, the recently-promoted VP of Marketing for Bud Light, Alissa Heinerscheid, was placed on a leave of absence.

When Heinerscheid accepted her promotion last June, she decided the beer company should move in a decidedly woke direction. She chose to isolate Bud Light customers by plastering Mulvaney’s face on the company’s beer cans to celebrate Women’s History Month. Although the VP claimed, “Female representation is a personal passion point of mine,” she decided to represent females by partnering with a biological male.

In a March interview, Heinerscheid said she believed “Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach.” For Heinerscheid, who said she had a really clear job to do, her desire to attract new male and female customers led her to partner with Mulvaney. And in doing so, she angered Americans weary of non-stop politically woke campaigns.

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