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USSA: White House Tells Reporters What They Can & Can NOT Report On

Liberty One News| Erica Carlin|

The Biden administration has been caught in yet another scandal, this one involving the release of classified intel. In a press briefing, John Kirby, the coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, urged journalists not to report on leaked Pentagon documents circulating online. He said that the documents should not be in the public domain and should not be reported on.

What is the Biden administration trying to hide? It could be anything from information about foreign intelligence operations to military actions. It could even be evidence of political corruption within the Biden administration.

It is shameful that the Biden administration is attempting to censor information from the public. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment, which guarantees the right of the press to publish any information it deems newsworthy.

The Obama administration was already notorious for its attempts to silence the press, and it appears the Biden administration is no different. This is just another example of the Democrats’ political corruption and attempts to censor the truth.

The Pentagon has begun to assess the validity and national security implications of these leaked documents. However, it appears that the Department of Justice has already opened a criminal investigation into the source of the leak.

The Biden administration’s attempt to quash the truth is frightening. This is not just an attack on the press, but a blatant attempt to keep the public in the dark. It is a dangerous precedent to set and should be a cause for concern for anyone who values democracy.

It is also concerning that the Biden administration is trying to blame other countries for their actions. For example, they recently accused Israel of encouraging protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is yet another example of the Democrats’ efforts to deflect blame and cover up their own wrongdoings.

The Biden administration must be held accountable for its attempts to censor the press and obscure the truth. We must not allow them to get away with this, as it sets a dangerous precedent for the future. We must protect our freedom of the press and ensure that information is always available to the public.

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