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Turns Out Fox Did NOT FIRE Tucker According To Megyn Kelly

OPINION| According to former Fox News star anchor, Megyn Kelly, the situation between Tucker and Fox News is not as straightforward as we have been led to believe.

In the entertainment industry, especially the news side of the biz, there is a thing/tactic known as ‘the golden handcuff.’

Basically, ‘golden handcuffs’ is when a production outfit (in this case Fox News) cancels the show of one of their talents, but does not fire them.  The network keeps paying the host and makes them abide by their contract, specifically the part that says the talent can only appear on their network.

Why would someone do this?  In order to keep that host from having their voice heard by the public.  Hence ‘golden handcuffs.’

Listen to what Megyn Kelly has to say about what is really happening with Tucker and Fox News behind the scenes …


The Gateway Pundit reported:

Megyn Kelly has been a great source of insider information on the whole Tucker Carlson/FOX News fiasco.

According to Kelly and her sources, Tucker has not actually been fired by FOX News. He has been put into a sort of limbo where he is still technically under contract.

This means Tucker can’t go anywhere else until they have worked out an exit deal.

In the video below, she says:

“Tucker’s not fired. That’s my information. That he still needs to negotiate the exit. And that right now he’s not free to launch a podcast or a digital show, or negotiate with other employers at all because he’s still under contract.”

Kelly notes that Tucker Carlson saw FOX News through one of the toughest periods in their entire history and “smashed the ball” out of the park.

She is absolutely puzzled as to why the network would treat their biggest star so badly. Watch:

Here’s more from The Hill:

Megyn Kelly: Fox News ousting Tucker Carlson ‘terrible move’

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is saying it was a “terrible move” for Fox News to end its relationship with prime-time host Tucker Carlson.

Kelly also said she believed Fox forced the issue, though she acknowledged it was “supposition” on her part.

“This is a terrible move by Fox, and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson,” Kelly said on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

“I don’t know what drove Fox News to make this decision. And it was clearly Fox News’ decision because they’re not letting him say goodbye,” she said. “That’s my supposition. That’s not inside knowledge. … Talk about misjudging your audience yet again.”

FOX News is clearly hoping that this is all going to blow over, but FOX viewers are really angry about it.

Megyn Kelly seems to understand what’s happening better than most people in media. You can watch her whole episode below, if you like:

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