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BREAKING: The REAL Reason Fox FIRED TUCKER Just Leaked …

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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was reportedly ousted from the cable television news network by Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch over his narrative-challenging coverage of the January 6 riot and suspected law enforcement asset Ray Epps, according to a report by the LA Times.

The Times claimed to have spoken with “people familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment publicly,” and reported that Fox’s decision to give Carlson the boot came straight from Murdoch himself.

The Times reported that Murdoch’s decision was related to Abby Grossberg’s discrimination lawsuit. Murdoch was additionally concerned over Carlson’s coverage of the January 6 protest-turned Capitol riot in 2021, including his reporting on evidence that the riot was provoked by suspected undercover federal assets like Ray Epps.

Epps notably has been fervently defended by the Washington establishment over his bizarre actions on January 6, in which he repeatedly instructed protestors to enter the Capitol building, and was even featured on 60 Minutes over the weekend.

Epps claims he has been subject to threats over mounting suspicions that he was secretly working for the government to incite and orchestrate violence on January 6. The FBI additionally claimed that Epps had never worked for them.

Since nixing Carlson’s show this morning, Fox Corporation has lost nearly a billion dollars in stock value in just a few hours.

Carlson began his media career in the 1990’s and has had shows on multiple cable television news networks spanning from CNN, PBS, and MSNBC before joining Fox News in 2009.

The host ascended into political stardom in the years leading up to the first episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in November of 2016, which quickly turned into one of the nation’s most popular news broadcasts in American history.

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