ALERT: New Video Game KILLS Losers In Real Life

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I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid, probably around 5 or 6 years old. I started out with a regular Nintendo NES system and I also had an Atari though it didn’t get as much play time as the Nintendo did.

Throughout the years I’ve seen the progression of video game quality so much so that many video games today look so real that sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between the game in real life or if a character is completely made up or if it’s a photo or video of somebody in real life.

One of the big things going on right now as you know is Facebook’s development of the metaverse in which they are looking to create a virtual reality experience that is realistic in able to be integrated into your regular everyday life.

One man, who is actually one of the leaders in the virtual reality development with the Oculus system creative a VR headset that will actually kill the user if they happened to die in the game.

Luckey’s killer headset looks like a Meta Quest Pro hooked up with three explosive charge modules that sit above the screen. The charges are aimed directly at the user’s forebrain and, should they go off, would obliterate the head of the user.

“The idea of tying your real life to your virtual avatar has always fascinated me—you instantly raise the stakes to the maximum level and force people to fundamentally rethink how they interact with the virtual world and the players inside it,” Luckey wrote in a blog post explaining the project. “Pumped up graphics might make a game look more real, but only the threat of serious consequences can make a game feel real to you and every other person in the game.”

I’m not sure why this would be a good idea for something to create. It’s just as crazy as someone messing around with viruses and making them deadlier just for fun.

Sources: Vice

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