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ALERT: Trump Rocked With Devastating News … Say It Ain’t So!

UAEReport| Daniel| here are a few points that I’ve been emphasizing all throughout my articles.

First off, President Trump was undoubtedly one of our nation’s greatest presidents. Even though he did a lot of good for this country, I think it’s unfortunate that the Democrats loathed him and actively opposed him because if it weren’t for them, he could have accomplished much more.

Instead of waiting until we lost the House to try to accomplish things like secure funding for the border wall, I believe Republicans should have been more prudent about what they did while we held a majority in Congress.

Second, as I’ve already said, I don’t believe President Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2024. He had a decent chance, but now, I believe his support has dwindled, and I no longer believe he would be the best option. If President Trump were the nominee, I believe it’s possible that we would lose the election.

I hate that this is the case, but let me explain one big reason why. I think that with the FBI finding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, this was the nail in the coffin. The majority of Americans do not like this and do not believe that he should have taken these documents to Mar-a-Lago.

But there are some other signs as well that our beloved president is losing support. We’ve all seen the rallies that President Trump holds. He can fill stadiums like no other. But the crowds are growing thinner now.

On top of that, polls are showing that he is now at his lowest approval rating since leaving office. An NBC poll found that a mere 34% of people who were surveyed views him positively while 54% viewed him negatively.

I hate to say it, but I am not sure we’ll see President Trump win again.

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