BREAKING: AZ Election R1GG1NG EXPOSED! Voters: Our Votes Were Thrown Out & Didn’t Count


You didn’t think that the shenanigans that took place in the 2020 ‘elections’ was going to be a one off event, did you?

If you’re reading our blog I think it’s safe to say that you’re smarter than that.  The fact that there were no repercussions following 2020’s elections only served to embolden those doing the dirty work.

The stories coming out of Arizona following the primaries is down right horrific.

This is not how a democratic republic is supposed to function …

Jim Hoft founder of he Gateway Pundit reported:

Something stinks. Bad.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — Maricopa County, Arizona, finally released another ballot count shortly after 7 pm on Wednesday and promised more results TOMORROW after 7 pm.

This is outrageous. The polls closed yesterday at 7 pm, and they’re still counting? We call bullsh*t.

They were late. The Gateway Pundit reported that they had not updated the results on their webpage after claiming they would.

OUTRAGEOUS! Maricopa County Announced They Have Updated Results Then Send You to Results Page That Has Not Been Updated for 20 Hours

The election was on Tuesday, but they’re still counting into Thursday. What the hell is going on?

Election day revealed major concerns and possible fraud in the election system.

Earlier, The Gateway Pundit reported that the County is stalling the election for Governor and that they had not updated their results since the middle of the night last night.

They stopped the counting after Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake pulled ahead from a 10-point deficit.

It looks like they are trying to steal this election from the Trump-Endorsed candidate for Governor.

And now Republican voters are tweeting out that there vote has been nullified and erased.

John Rhodes tweeted out: Anyone else in Maricopa County having this issue? Says signature for early ballot verified but you can see my vote didn’t count. Dropped of on Election Day at voting location.

Check your ballot: https://elections.maricopa.gov/voting/track-your-ballot.html
CC: @KariLake @charliekirk11 @JackPosobiec

He was not alone.

Another Twitter user claims his vote did not count and was erased.

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