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Biden SCANDAL EXPLODES: Biden’s Illegal Alien/Chinese Connection Blown Wide Open

Not only did Joe Biden rent a luxury country club-like school to house illegal aliens. He managed to find one for rent that the Chinese run. He was able to do good for his two favorite people in one shot. Meanwhile, Americans have lost hope that Biden will do anything for them other than raise the price of everything under the sun.

For years, Democrats have told us that Biden is better at foreign relations than anything else. Tragically, that might actually be true considering how much he sucks at everything else. Inflation, gas prices, and the economy is so bad and getting worse every day.

Biden has appointed a new abortion czar

Biden will be paying the Chinese $177 million for the operating costs for the first year under contacts with the HHS. (Health and Human Services. The cost for renting the facility is $49.8 million for five years on property with a total value of up to $84 million dollars. An estimated 800 employees will be needed to operate the facility and the jobs have already been posted and at least some of the jobs have been filled.

The original owner of the property,  American Hebrew Academy, Inc. took out a loan from the Chinese and immediately the board members were replaced by Chinese people. Also, is president, vice president and treasurer are Ni Zhang, Shong Gao, and Wei Yang. This was a no bid contract. Biden sure loves the Chinese.

Judicial Watch reported the positions taken by the Chinese:

“The American Hebrew Academy has deep Chinese connections, according to records uncovered by Judicial Watch. Its president, vice president and treasurer are Ni Zhang, Shong Gao, and Wei Yang. A few months after closing in the fall of 2019, the school took out a $26 million mortgage from Puxin, a Chinese education company. It planned to open under a new name, but never did. The money HHS is paying in rent will likely be used to pay back the Chinese company.”

WFMY-TV reported at the time in 2019 the Puxin deal involved more than a loan:

Public records available with the Guilford County Register of Deeds show that on Monday, September 9, American Hebrew Academy (AHA) transferred financial liability of its 100-acre property in Greensboro NC, to Puxin Limited, a publicly-traded Beijing-based firm. The documents were prepared in Orange County and signed an notarized by a Durham County Notary Public on September 6th.

Puxin Limited is a Chinese K-12 after-school educational services provider based in Beijing. The Company offers study-abroad tutoring programs that help students to prepare for admission tests and applications for top schools, universities, and graduate programs. The documents also showed Puxin entered a lease agreement with AHA and the Deed of Trust amount of $26 million.


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