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7 New Guns Restrictions Signed Into Law … Here We Go …

On Tuesday, New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy signed seven new gun laws that will bring stricter gun regulations for the law-abiding gun owners of the state who did absolutely nothing to deserve it, including a bill creating a database for all New Jersey ammunition sales.

What is it about “shall not be infringed” that Democrats do not get? It’s only four words in the English language. Okay, maybe most Democrats have to look up the word “infringed” but it’s a fairly simple clause in the Second Amendment, which means that government can not do anything that will infringe on a person’s right to keep and bear arms. An ammo registry is no different from a gun registry. A gun registry created by the Weimar Republic is what allowed the Nazis to disarm the German people when they were elected to power.

The bill, called A1302, will allow the government to require manufacturers and wholesale dealers to report to the state their record of ammunition sales made in New Jersey, according to the bill.

So while Democrats in power are releasing criminals from jail with their so-called bail reform programs, and many Democrat district attorneys are not prosecuting many criminals, at the same time they’re making it harder and harder for Americans to defend themselves against the very criminals the Democrats are throwing back out on the same streets. It’s maddening.

The new law also requires the creation of an electronic records system to store their ammunition sales data.

“The handgun ammunition record shall be in electronic form and shall contain the date of the transaction; the type, caliber, or gauge of the ammunition; the quantity of ammunition sold; the name and address of the purchaser; and any other information the superintendent shall deem necessary,” the bill reads. reported that the 7 questionable laws Murphy signed on Tuesday include banning .50 caliber weapons (so if you already own one, you might be a criminal now in the Garden State), tougher restrictions on the supposed “ghost guns,” another infringement as the Second Amendment does not say you must purchase a firearm from a company, mandating firearm training, and worst of all, making it easy to sue gun manufacturers.

Liberals have always bought into the lie that gun manufacturers could not be sued. Gun manufacturers are sued all the time. If there’s a defect in a firearm they made and it caused harm to someone, they will get sued. What the politicians mean is they want to be able to have people sue a gun manufacturer if a criminal uses a gun they made to commit a crime. This is something that will be overturned by the Supreme Court because, despite the insanity of Democrat politicians, gun manufacturers do not create firearms to be used in the commission of a crime.

Murphy referred to the new infringements as “common sense” laws that “live up to our Jersey values.” Who is he to determine what law-abiding gun owners in his state hold as their values? Democrats rarely ever do what the people who elected them want them to do.

“We know we can take on the epidemic of gun violence and win,” Murphy said at the bill signing in Metuchen, the outlet reported. “We know we can put in place strong and safety gun-safety laws that are consistent with the Second Amendment and still protect our communities.”

Why is it that Democrats always blame the gun and not the person who used the gun to commit a crime? Is it because the shooters are mostly their constituents? To put it biblically, Cain killed Abel with a rock. God blamed Cain, not the rock.

Think about the logic here, or the lack of when it concerns the way Democrats think. They want to blame the guns while coming up with zero solutions for keeping bad guys off the streets. That might somehow influence their next election. There are over 300 million guns in America. That’s a lot of guns that could be purchased privately, stolen, lost and then found by criminals. Yet none of what Murphy just signed into law would stop any of those scenarios and criminals would still get guns to commit crimes. It’s not the guns, stupid. It’s the people who misuse them that are the problem, yet I would bet the farm (if I owned one) to hear just one progressive Democrat politician blame the shooter instead of the gun and mean it.

What’s really sad is how Democrats across America are fighting to be the best at being the worst for Americans. It’s like they all feel they have to top each other in ways that harm the very people who elected them to office. And now they’re just violating the law to achieve their stardom among the elites. Murphy is just the latest example.


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