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AG, SOS & Elections Head Charged w/ Election Fraud

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office are suing MI Attorney General Dana Nessel, MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the Director of MI Bureau of Elections Jonathan Brater, the MI State Police, MI State Police Trooper Bryan Fuller, and MI State Police Trooper David Geyer both in their individual and official actions. It is Leaf’s contention that they illegally interfered with his department’s investigation of voter fraud.

Michigan Election Code specifically states:

It is the duty of any police, sheriff or other peace officer, present and having knowledge of any violation of any of the provisions of this act to forthwith institute criminal proceedings for the punishment of such offender.

MI Election law also states that a MI Sheriff is required to investigate any alleged or suspected illegal or fraudulent voter registration activity:

If a township or city clerk has knowledge that there is a probable illegal or fraudulent registration in the township or city, or in any ward or precinct of the township or city, the clerk has the power and duty to make a full investigation of the facts concerning the registration and to ascertain whether any name has been illegally or fraudulently registered. A township or city clerk is authorized and empowered to call upon the police department of the city or the sheriff of the county in which the city is located, or both, to assist in making the investigation, and the police department and the sheriff are required to render assistance if the clerk makes a request for assistance, and to furnish the clerk at his or her request with all available assistance in making the investigation.

It is Leaf’s contention that both Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have blocked his investigation even though they have no legal right to do so. Both are also accused of threatening anyone who attempts to investigate what went on during the 2020 election. Benson has also been caught in numerous lies related to the election and has mocked and threatened anyone who opposes her.

Jonathan Brater is Michigan’s Director of Elections, a member of the executive branch of state government, and an employee of the state. His job is to make sure the state follows election laws. Which did not happen in Michigan. Defendant Brater has no law enforcement or executive authority to interfere with any legally acceptable investigation into voter fraud within their jurisdiction.

-Defendants, without authority, encroached upon Sheriff Dar Leaf’s duties by obstructing and interfering with his lawful investigation, obstructing justice in the process, and covering up evidence and crimes, including those that they themselves were involved in and conspired with others to commit.

-Defendants usurped and otherwise obstructed an elected constitutional officer and prevented him from performing his constitutional, statutory, and common-law duties as County Sheriff in accordance with the Michigan Constitution, and state and federal laws.

-Defendants, without legitimate authority, also unconstitutionally and unlawfully confiscated property, documents, and information (including voting machines with its attendant software, programs, and data), all of which was required to be sealed, preserved, protected, and retained by federal law. 

-Defendants acted in concert or individually to transfer and reallocate the duties and powers of the Plaintiff, usurping his power and removing from him or otherwise preventing his ability to perform his constitutional and statutory duties.

-Defendants acts included but are not limited to threatening, harassing, and interfering with witnesses, local government officials (including township clerks), deputies, agents, and experts, and interfering with, obstructing, and otherwise defiling investigative works and the results of such works; confiscating and/or destroying confidential files and information pertaining to an ongoing investigation; unconstitutionally and unlawfully (and without the proper procedure) usurping Plaintiff’s law enforcement functions and authorities, which are exclusively reserved to him under Michigan common law and statutory law; stepping in to quell an ongoing legitimate investigation, confiscating confidential files and documents related thereto; obstructing, harassing, and/or threatening his deputies and agents conducting the law enforcement function on his behalf as they are allowed to do exclusively and with immunity under Michigan law, confiscating voting equipment and information and data that is required by federal law to be protected and preserved.


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