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Dem Rep Attacks Gay Con Icon … Instantly Regrets It

No one has ever accused Rep. Anna Eskamani of being too bright for her own good. There is a reason for that and you will soon realize why that is the case. She thought she had found something to score political points, but she was like the halfback who crossed the goal line but had been running in the wrong direction. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and BlazeTV’s David Rubin hosted an event in Orlando.

Eskamani then blasted them for holding an event in the most “literally in one of the most #LGBTQ+ friendly parts of Orlando and during Pride Month too.” Eskamani obviously doesn’t know what the rest of America already knew. Dave Rubin is a gay man who married another gay man years ago. She would know this if she wasn’t such a homophobe.

Eskamani tweeted:

“Wow. Super disappointed to see The Plaza Live hosting an event w/DeSantis next week — this is literally in one of the most #LGBTQ+ friendly parts of Orlando and during Pride Month too. Orlandoans deserve better than this culture war BS.”

Actually, Orlando deserves more than a 5-watt bulb representing them, but they voted for her, so they are stuck with her. In her second tweet she exposed herself as the fool (Fool = synonym for Democrat) that she is, tweeting:

“It’s not just DeSantis; the guy hosting him is awful too.”

When Eskamani responded with a bit of low-brow name-calling, Rubin repeated his offer a third time:

From The Blaze

For obvious reasons, Dave wasn’t about to disappoint his audience by turning the DeSantis venue into the All-About-Anna Show, but he did offer to debate her “at another venue in the future.”

Dave Rubin, host of BlazeTV’s “The Rubin Report,” is no stranger to unhinged leftist attacks. In the video clip below, Dave talks to Tucker Carlson, Lewis Howes, Larry King, the Babylon Bee and others about why the Democratic party is turning so many liberals into conservatives in this special “best of” episode.








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