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ALERT: Supreme Court Justices Rushed To Secure Locations

And so it begins. At least two Supreme Court Justices have been moved to safe locations after multiple threats from left-wing domestic terrorists make threats against them. Brett Kavanaugh has already had one attempt on his life from an unhinged leftist. (Is there any other kind?) The ruling handed down by the Supreme Court should not really come as a surprise since Roe v Wade was not based on the US Constitution but on ideology.

That court had to jump through hoops and actually make up rights that do not appear in the Constitution. How about this right that is in the Declaration of Independence? “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“. It’s funny that the same party that wants rights not mentioned in the Constitution want to do away with rights that are in the Constitution, the First and Second Amendments. If they want to do that, then there is a procedure for amending the Constitution.

Leftists in the Legislative branch of the government want to dictate to the Judicial branch, which is equal to them but with actual law degrees. Did you notice that countless Democratic politicians and pundits referred to SCOTUS as illegitimate, but not one of them could make an argument why the Constitution allows abortion? I can answer that. Because there is none and the Supreme Court is not designed to write laws, but they often do when Democrats are in the majority.

Now, Justices on the court are seeing their lives and their families threatened by left-wing goons. I place the blame on elected Democrats and their willing stooges in the press. That is the same thing that led Steve Scalise to be shot and almost killed.

From The Gateway Pundit

At least two US Supreme Court Justices have been moved to “safe locations” according to federal law enforcement sources, Red State editor Jennifer Van Laar reported.

It is unclear which justices were moved to safe locations.

Earlier Friday pro-abortion activists were filmed handing out the home address of Justice Clarence Thomas to outraged protesters outside the Supreme Court.

The protesters were carrying signs with messages such as “ABORT SCOTUS.”


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