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ALERT: Left Calls For Domestic Terrorism

Do you know what is really scary about their proclamation?  They are saying that up to now, they have been peaceful, but now they plan to become violent. They have looted and set fire everywhere they went. I can’t imagine them being more violent than they have been in the past. Antifa expert Andy Ngo on Friday posted screenshots of tweets calling for violence. Anyone who does not believe this threat.

Antifa expert Andy Ngo on Friday posted screenshots of tweets:

In a Twitter thread that he promised to update, Ngo first warned that the violent anarchist group Jane’s Revenge — which has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on pro-life groups since the leak of the Roe v. Wade overturn draft — has updated its flyers and is calling for violence Friday night:

Jane’s Revenge has taken responsibility for the firebombing of multiple anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers since the draft decision was leaked. They have now updated their flyers to urge people to commit violence.

Ngo also tweeted that the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Youth Liberation Front — another “violent Antifa group” has told members to mask up and to wear black and then to meet them at Folger Park at 7:30 p.m. The YLF was involved in the months of rioting in Portland and Seattle. I have no confidence in the DC Police or the Capitol Police and justifiably so.

From The Blaze

He added that Antifa in Portland already made plans for violence Thursday and announced a “direct action gathering starting at 5:30 pm PT at Lownsdale Square — the same location they occupied in 2020 & used as a base to carry out mass violence & arson.”

Ngo also pointed to an “Anifa account representing members in DC, Maryland & Virginia” from which a tweet read, “Is your bag packed? Let’s f***ing go.”

He added that the “Florida chapter of #Antifa group Revolutionary Abolition tells comrades to ‘bloc up.’ This refers to wearing black clothing & black masks to hide identities during crimes.” Ngo also said the group “retweeted a post calling for addresses of the family of their target.”


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