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New Bill Will Fine Employers $1 Million Per Each Vaccine Injury If They Follow Biden’s …


An Oklahoma state lawmaker is proposing a bill that will fine employers up to $1 million per vaccine injury if they enforce Joe Biden’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

On Friday, Bill 1106 in the Oklahoma Senate called the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act,” was submitted by State Senator Rob Standridge. The bill targets both public and private entities that mandate vaccines or other medical treatments as a condition for employment.

Employers who force their employees to take unwanted medical treatments on condition of employment would be liable for $1 million in punitive damages for each employee who is injured by the treatment and that includes forcing COVID vaccines.

“Many Oklahomans may not know that COVID-19 vaccines have already been given liability protection from the federal government,” Standridge said.

He’s right. All three COVID vaccines available in the US are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which means they are all experimental. That’s why you have to sign a waiver before they will give you the vaccine. The Biden administration lied about the Pfizer vaccine being approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It wasn’t. Comirnaty was approved and BioNTech says it will not be available in the US until 2023.

Standridge added, “If an employee is required to receive the vaccine or some other medical treatment as a condition of employment and it causes that person harm, our citizens need to know they’ll have some recourse that will provide them with meaningful relief. That’s what my legislation will do.”

It just makes a lot of sense. If the government or a private sector employer are acting like tyrants by forcing employees to get a vaccine for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate and they get an adverse effect that disables them, the pharmaceutical companies won’t get sued because they made you sign a waiver. The government isn’t going to compensate you because they couldn’t care less about what happens to you.

This bill is especially needed now that the CDC’s VAERS system is reporting so many adverse effects from the COVID vaccines.

What is loony tunes crazy is that YouTube just sent out a notice that any content makers who post a video talking about the adverse effects being reported coming from the COVID-19 vaccines will be banned.

So your employer doesn’t care that they are forcing employees to take a vaccine that is experimental, and they know the employees have to sign a waiver that means the drug makers will not compensate them if they are harmed by the [experimental] vaccine, and now the tech tyrants of social media are blocking any news of the adverse effects from the vaccines. That’s where we are in this country, and that’s why every state needs to have a law like the one Senator Standridge has proposed.

Oklahoma is fast becoming one of the freest states in the union. I recently reported that the new Adjutant General of the Oklahoma National Guard did an about face on Biden’s vaccine mandate via the DOD. The commanding officers are telling the troops they can opt out of the requirement per Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s orders. You see, even though the federal government pays the National Guard troops, they are not under the chain of command of the federal government. The head of the Oklahoma Guard’s chain of command is the governor, and he has his own chain of down the line from there.

Adjutant General Thomas Mancino, the top officer of the Oklahoma National Guard, said, “This policy is not anti-vaccine. I and the governor are both vaccinated. I encourage all our Oklahoma Guard Members to get vaccinated if they choose to do so,” Mancino said. “We want to educate and inform our soldiers and airmen so that they can make an informed decision regarding the DOD Vaccine Mandate.”

On top of that, Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor is filing a lawsuit against one of the largest healthcare networks in the country, Ascension Healthcare, to keep them from firing employees who do not get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Oklahoma has a governor who believes in freedom and liberty and doesn’t fall for the nonsense argument that unvaccinated people are making vaccinated people sick. As an American, you have the right to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. It’s your personal choice and you have sovereignty over your own body.

Governor Stitt is enforcing states’ rights, and he’s doing it in a way that tells the Biden administration that he’s confident the state will win any case the feds bring.


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