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Senator Kennedy Exposes Joe Biden On Live TV … Then Tells Him ‘Try Harder Not To …!’ [VIDEO]


One of Americas Freedom Fighters favorite Senators is the great Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana.

He doesn’t whitewash the B.S. the dems put out on a daily basis and he tells it like it is.

Not to mention, he funny as all hell

He is definitely one of my faves!

Sen. Kennedy NAILED it in an interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News and destroyed Biden in epic fashion.

I think we all agree that Biden is destroying America.

The illegal alien invasion is absolutely out of control.

We have the disastrous situation in Afghanistan.

They demand mandatory vaccinations for COVID.

We have a major supply shortage of goods with containers of supplies sitting at the ports.

The economy is in the tank.

Crime is soaring out of control.

Biden destroyed EVERYTHING President Trump accomplished.

And how about those gas prices?

I could go on and on.

Anyways, Sen. Kennedy ripped the demented one saying- “If you have a pulse and a marginal desire for a better life you know President Biden is in trouble.”

“My advice to the president is you just have to try harder not to suck.”


“Stop worrying about the ‘wokers’ and worry about the workers.”

This video is a must see!



How spot on was that!

Again, we love Sen. Kennedy for speaking the truth and standing up for Americans.


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