Famous Leftist BUSTED: CAUGHT POSTING INSANE Meme – Luckily We Saved It!

Via DINO PORRAZZO at AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS|  For centuries now, organized religion has been under attack mainly from the state and it’s worshipers who wish to end the idea of God, and replace it with themselves as god’s amongst men. Decades ago, we removed prayer from schools because some leftist lunatic thought that separation of church and state meant there could be no religion anywhere there might be an interest of the state.

This was just the first step however, the idea of separation of church and state is written very clearly that the United States government CAN NOT make any one religion mandatory for all citizens. The weak kneed churches, and spineless Republicans went along with this notion of NO religion however, and kept moving the ball with the radical Marxist’s/Communists down the field closer and closer to the end zone.

Since the state has been pushing itself deeper and deeper into our homes, we have watched year by year as they demand more and more from us as citizens to worship them and respect them. They push harder and harder against religion’s that teach there is a power higher than the elected officials.

Some of this we saw most recently here in the States, particularly the State of New York and California where their governors pushed back on church’s gathering during covid19 lockdowns against their not so powerful orders. One notable figure, John MacArthur, opened his church after his congregation challenged him to uphold the RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE and RIGHT TO WORSHIP.

We also saw how the state of New York, specifically the city of New York went after the Jewish communities during covid19. We watched in sadness and horror as the New York Police Department was sent after Jews for gathering outdoors for funerals, and in parks to worship.

Why does any of this matter you’re probably asking yourself, and why should you care?

Recently a clown from our neighbors up North decided that he wanted to push the hate for religion even further. The detestable previous advisor to Prime Minister of Canada recently tweeted one of the most abhorrent statements of hate we’ve seen to date against religions!

Seen here, this hate spewing blue check mark commie clown is out here defending hate and sympathizing with it towards religion and violence towards it’s establishments!

This isn’t the first time this hate filled bigot has targeted religion, last year, Butts, (who couldn’t have a more perfect name), was seen tweeting this out thinking he was clever. He removed it soon after, but as we all know, the internet is FOREVER!

I imagine some of you still are saying what is the point of all of this? What did this butt dude do that was so bad? Stop being a snowflake over words and memes. To those of you who think this isn’t driving violence, you need to keep reading.

Our friends to the North who love their Maple Syrup, Hockey, and moose have become the epicenter of anti religious violence.

In fact, churches across Canada are being physically attacked and burnt to the ground! Two Catholic Church’s were burnt on June 21st. Catholic Church’s, the same Church Sleepy Joe is a member of, and the media raises to such high standards despite their hate for God and all Christianity.

My dear friends and Patriots, if we start accepting the burning of Church’s to the ground because we don’t care about religion, we are endorsing violence against the right to assemble peacefully and worship.

I’m no anti government radical, I believe in the right to worship as you see fit as the Constitution lays out. Violence against ANY Individual because they worship differently, look differently so on will NEVER BE ENDORSED BY US!

The left can have it one way, they can not pick and choose.  In their world words = violence … how does this not apply?  Oh, that’s right … no rules apply to the left …


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