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CNN Collapsing, Appears To On The Verge Of Bankruptcy After Ratings Show America Has Turned Their Back On Fake News


It appears that the only thing that was keeping CNN in the black was President Trump.

After decades of lying to the American people, and reportedly taking money from hostile foreign governments to run puff pieces about their s***holes, CNN has run out of gas.

Now, to be honest, there is not too much difference between what CNN does and what we do.  However, there is one VERY important distinction: we wear our biases on our selves.

While CNN lies to their users and pretends that they are an ‘unbiased news network’, anyone who watches for more than a few minutes knows their aim is to convince people to agree with their point of view.  We do the same thing, however, you will never hear us all ourselves ‘unbiased’ or even ‘news.’

What we do and what CNN does is not news, it is opinion publishing, and that distinction is of the utmost importance.  This is, in part, why CNN finds themselves speaking to … no one.

Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit reported:

CNN’s ratings have plunged since Trump left office.

The fake news network has lost 67% of its viewers since January when Trump departed the White House.

At one point CNN tried to boost its ratings by posting a photo of host Brian Stelter in his underwear.

That only made things worse for the network.

Other news networks have also taken a hit during the “primetime” hours of 8 PM to 11 PM but CNN got hit the hardest.

MSNBC lost 49% of its viewers since January.

Fox News lost 12% of its viewers since January and 15% of viewers between ages 25-54.

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