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Busted: Pennsylvania Election Results Are Statistically Impossible!

As more states move towards auditing the state election results, let’s look back on what happened in Pennsylvania on election night and beyond.

This will hopefully convince you that Pennsylvania must audit its election results because quite frankly, the results stretch the human imagination and make for a seemingly impossible result.

On election night, President Trump was running away with the election in Pennsylvania as he led by an insurmountable lead of nearly 67-33% or about 750,000 votes in Trump’s favor.

The next day, Trump still led Joe Biden by 675,000 votes. On election day, Trump led in Pennsylvania by 2.7 million votes compared to Biden’s 1.4 million votes.  Then they began counting mail-in ballots but they were unable to say how many of them there were.

That is because they were not sure how many votes they would have to manufacture in order for Biden to win. On election day, Trump got nearly 2/3 of the vote and yet on the mail-in ballots.

Biden took 80% of the absentee ballots. That seems quite unbelievably high, bordering on the impossible.

From The Gateway Pundit

When we looked at these statistics we identified a pattern that is virtually mathematically impossible.  The President won two-thirds of the Election Day vote.  But with the basic exception of Philadelphia, the President won around 80% of the vote in each county in the state.  (See the blue line in the chart below showing the percent of total election day votes won by President Trump.) 

Philadelphia is so large that it offsets these numbers and brings the President’s results down to around 65% of the state’s votes on Election Day.

What happened with the mail-in votes is almost statistically impossible (See the orange line below).  In almost every county throughout the state, the President was awarded a percentage of votes 40% less than the percent the President won on election day (see the grey line below). 

If Trump won a county by 80% of the vote on Election Day, he won 40% of the mail-in vote for a county.  If the President won 60% of the vote on Election Day, he won 20% of the mail-in vote in another county.  This pattern occurred in almost every county with the only noticeable exception of Philadelphia, where the President only earned 30% of the vote on Election Day.


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