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OMG: Lt Col Shaffer Exposes AG Barr’s Role In 2020 Election Fraud! [Video]


Of all the people who make politics their livelihoods, I trust retired Lt Col Anthony Shaffer more than anyone.

The man has dedicated his life to being a whitehat in the intel community.  All while he has undoubtedly been presented with opportunity after opportunity to sell out, become part of the DS ‘team’ and get rich.  To this day the Lt Col remains true to his country.

Shaffer lead Operation Able Danger which was designed to locate and kill Bid Landen while Clinton was president.  While Shaffer located Bin Laden, he was refused the order to take the terrorist out.

He went public with the true story of what happened and has been revealing uncomfortable truths ever since.

Most recently the American hero gave us a glimpse into just how twisted and evil Trump’s 2nd Attorney General really was… is reporting:

Well, this is certainly telling…

According to a very popular retired intel officer and staunch Trump supporter, by the name of Tony Shaffer revealed a bombshell about Bill Barr.

Shaffer is now revealing that Bill Barr actually called him up and told him to stop personally investigating the 2020 election.

And here are some receipts to back up the fact that Barr appeared to be on a personal mission to stop the election investigation.

what does that tell you?’

Here is the video of the interview:


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William Bissell July 27, 2021
| | |
I Love this guy.  Tony is a "Straight Shooter" and digs for evidence that few can match. I trust His info completely. No cracks in His investigations that I have ever heard or seen.  Thank you Sir, Keep up the Great Work!
Bruses July 27, 2021
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Courtney Nicholson July 27, 2021
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Babsan July 27, 2021
| | |
As I think back to when I arrived in the USA,what has been going on as I was very much interested in politics in my new country.Voted every election from the day I became a citizen(required them days) I could already see the slow destruction of what was America.The complete schock was 2008 when I realized trhat the Democrat voters were not quite right.rom then on the Democrats got a grip on the country as a whole and today or rather 2020 election confirmed that we all are being destroyed by a an Evil dark Communist force
Rebecca July 4, 2021
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Brooks A. Mick July 4, 2021
| | |
So many typos, so little time.
messup July 4, 2021
| | |
Washington DC is now revealed to be inhabited with some 4 million AFSCME minions obeying "collective brgaining's" braying of "A Law for thee, none for me." 2020 election was the culmination of "Frankfurt School's" diatribe of "Critical Theory." A corral of luminaries (folks, that's code for cone heads), opined, wrote numerous papers, books, stories and articles professing the "imminent demise" of Aristotle's (the Father of Political Science) POLITY. A Constitutional Republic, where a thriving "middle class" innovates, tinkers and produces "land, labor and capital" in abundance. An AMRICA leading all populations out of "darkeness and despair" to fulfillment and peace with GOD. Washington DC is the problem and only Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" will "drain the Swamp." Pray. Amen. God Bless America (and "Joe The Plumbers"). Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. Then 10 Commandments everywhere. Create Bible Pods and Tutor Pods because SCOTUS just allowed CRT be taught in ALL public schools. Pledge of Allegiance in ALL schools, only way to combat CRT. Amen.
Roger July 4, 2021
| | |
Traitors Traitors everywhere in Wash DC
Robert Pemberton July 4, 2021
| | |
   Bill Barr is the biggest traitor of the  Trump presidency, wearing a good face all the time and then stabbing President Trump in the back. He served all that time as a traitor, wearing a straight face.  While Trump was a great doer, he was a poor selector of his department heads, i.e. Barr, Wray, etc.
kevin July 4, 2021
| | |
Bill Barr will be tried for treason and he will be executed.
Duke Vargo June 1, 2021
| | |
I would not doubt Barr's culpability. He talked a good story but did nothing to prevent the fraud. He should have been arrested along with Hillary Rotten Clinton and the rest of the seditionist that committed treason against the United States
Missy May 31, 2021
| | |
Nothing is ever going to get any better as long as these trairorous miscreants are not brought to justice. It's only going to continue getting worse and worse. Bill Barr is a weak-kneed, low of character, integrity-challenged scoundrel. He has no business being in any governmental seat in any government. Trump has a few weaknesses--- and a big one is with whom he surrounds himself. Lets face it--- Trump sucks at choosing team members. Seriously, how many has Trump appointed only to have either letting them go or them quitting on their own volition? Several.. in 4 years.
BrutalTruth May 31, 2021
| | |
Did Barr not previously work at a high level, possibly as  a Director, for a company named Dominion?  If so, was it the same company that tabulates election votes or is it another company?
Gail Davis May 31, 2021
| | |
Barr is a traitor to the United States!  He found absolutely no fraud in the  2020 election!  That isn't true because for 4 months before President Trump's term  ended this trsitor was already working for senile old Biden?  He needs to jhst be hung!  How could anyone trust him anymore? His word his nothing? He is a big fat liar!