New Video Raises Questions About Who Was Really Being Targeted On Jan. 6th


Bob Powell finally got someone with some media power to look at videos and hear his story about what he witnessed on January 6th. Powell was interviewed on OAN recently and was able to talk at length for the first time about some video footage he took of people breaking windows and being ignored.  Further, he talks about his own ongoing investigation into these men, and he wants to know why they do not seem to appear as suspects.

His story: 

I was at the East Entrance to the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Two men I recorded attacking the building, breaking windows and pushing people inside, have not been arrested, nor are they on the list of suspects being sought by the FBI.

Though I provided the FBI with 29-minutes of stable, 1080p Hi-Definition video more than five months ago, neither man appears in any of the 400+ indictments of those arrested (I checked all of them,) nor does one frame of video, or a single screenshot, of either man appear on the FBI webpage that asks the public for help in identifying those who attacked the Capitol, the FBI’s YouTube channel, or the FBI’s Facebook page.

I spoke with investigators from the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Secret Service, and the NCIS on 1/15/21, providing each with a copy of the footage via email, along with a narrative of what I saw that day. I ended my emails by informing them that if they wished to interview me further, they should contact my lawyer and I would be happy to answer whatever questions they might have.

As of 6/17/21 I have not been contacted by any law enforcement agency to inquire about what was seen, and recorded, at the East Entrance to the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021. An email containing the following questions, sent to the FBI’s media contact on 5/4/21 as a follow-up asking for comment, has not been returned.

1. Who gave the order to that squad of eight uniformed Capitol Hill police officers to leave the window broken by Hunter Ehmke undefended with a mob beating down the doors 30 feet away?

2. Who are the two men – who acted calmly, with military bearing, as if they were carrying out orders with an authorized purpose – who pulled the window from the frame and tried to push me and others inside the Capitol?

3. I provided the FBI with 29-minutes of HD video almost four months ago, yet no images of these two men are anywhere to be found. The FBI has not arrested them, does not appear to be looking for them, and is not looking for input from the public to ascertain their identities; that is a fact. My viewers and I would really like to know, “Why?”

Again, I have received no reply to those questions, or a reply or inquiry of any kind, from any federal agency. This, in and of itself, is extremely odd to say the least. If they don’t want to say something, the government will usually respond with, at least, a “No comment.”

Several of the Capitol Hill defendants from Michigan, where The Truth Is Viral is based, are being represented by the Federal Defender’s Office in Detroit. Messages left with these DOJ lawyers have not been returned. Having been seen over 250-thousand times across multiple platforms, this video is not a secret. It’s almost as if these federally employed public defenders do not want to know about exculpatory evidence that might benefit their clients. Why is that? Private defense attorneys representing Capitol Hill “rioters” are tripping over themselves to get a copy. Could it be because that video – and events that have occurred since Jan 6th – might also implicate the FBI in criminal activity?

That I never entered the Capitol, and that my instincts as a US Marine under Oath to “protect and defend the Constitution,” and the Capitol, kicked in – I successfully repelled a few intruders from entering the broken window, with naught but a “war face” and a “barbaric yawp” – gives me a degree of immunity from arrest by the FBI; but we shall see.


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There is a reason 14000 hours of video is being witheld by the Demoncrats.