More Than 500 Voter Fraud Causes Now Pending!


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced over the weekend, that there are still more than 500 cases of voter fraud still to be prosecuted in the state of Texas, where they take such things seriously. Paxton made the announcement after his special election fraud unit arrested a woman on multiple counts of voter fraud.

Paxton said:

“We will prosecute voter fraud every time.”

“Currently there are over 500 cases in our office awaiting trial in court.”

“Texans should know that their vote is counted legally and safely.”

Monica Mendez was arrested on June 23 and booked into the Victoria County Jail after a grand jury indicted her returned indictments on eight counts, seven of illegal voting. Eight counts of illegally assisting a voter, eight counts of illegal possession of ballot papers and eight counts of election fraud. Her charges are from the 2018 election.

The state of Texas has uncovered schemes by Democrats to cheat via mail in balloting in conspiracy related cases. Not only do the Democrats cheat Republicans, they even cheat each other. They cheat each other in primaries to see who gets to cheat Republicans in the general election. The Democrats keep claiming they are on the verge of turning Texas blue, but they continue to lose elections by large margins. I guess they need to find another state where they don’t send people to prison for voter fraud, like Michigan and Wisconsin.

From Nation World News

Referring to the Mendez case, Greg Abbott of Texas Gov. suggested that his office continue to comply with laws that are designed to strengthen security around elections. The governor announced a special session of the state legislature several days ago to pass a slew of measures related to voter fraud laws, the critical race principle and how the state handles bail bonds.

In May, Texas’ state Senate approved a sweeping bill that would give vote watchers more power by giving them greater access to polling areas. It would also create new penalties against election officials that restrict the movements of vote watchers and allow a judge to annul the result of an election if the number of fraudulent votes could change the result, among other provisions.

However, during the final hours of the last legislative session on May 30, State House Democrats walked out on the Senate bill ahead of the Republican-led House vote.

Abbott said:

“I fully anticipate a session where we will pass an election integrity bill as well as bail reform. They are both necessary and they should both pass. And as we get there, we may add some additional items.”


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Irishgal July 2, 2021
| | |
ope they prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Teach lessons to deter future.
Sunshine Kid June 30, 2021
| | |
500 cases in Texas.  Now start adding up the cases that will show up in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, etc. and see the tidal wave destroy the swamp.
Thomas June 29, 2021
| | |
   Good old Bill Barr ex-AG of the USA is going to be a stuffed bag of excriment when the truth comes out and its all comming out slowly...                   This guy Grahm?? The super sluth who so far after 30 just awit until?????? crap