BRUTAL! Watch Vernon Jones Wreck Leftist AZ Reporter On Ridiculous Question: “Next Question!”


Wow!  Vernon Jones has really come into his own since ditching the Democrat Party and becoming a Trump republican last year.

Jones first appeared timid and foreign to the spotlight, however, that has all changed as is evidence by his utter destruction of a hack reporter who tried to trip him up after he toured the AZ audit site.

Keep an eye on Jones, this man is going places.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘On Wednesday afternoon, Former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones and former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik received a walkthrough of the legendary Arizona audit process.

Then they absolutely DESTROYED an Arizona far-left reporter during a presser outside the audit center.

EPIC: Vernon Jones In Arizona – Only THREE Pallets Remain to be Counted – Officials Expecting HUGE Ballot Discrepancies

Rep. Jones is running for Governor of Georgia to replace the crooked Gov. Brian Kemp, to stop the asinine Stacey Abrams, and put Georgia first.

He has been a staunch promoter for the audit in GA.

Bernard Kerik was the Commissioner of the New York Police Department during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and he aided America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the Arizona election hearing last November.

After examining the process of the audit, the two held a press briefing. Far-left Arizona reporter Jen Fifield just about cried as she got roasted for asking a biased and foolish question.

Jones: Why did you ask me who’s funding it then?

Fifield: I was setting up my question.

Jones: So let me say this whoever’s funding it, is it taxpayer’s dollars? Have you done your research?

Fifield: There is $150k coming from taxpayer money.

Jones: Taxpayers. So private money is private money. They can do what they want. Have they broken the law?

Fifield: I do not

Jones: Ma’am I’m just asking you have private investors who invested in this, have they broken the law?

Fifield: *Looks at Christina Bobb*

Jones: No don’t look at her, look right here. have they broken the law? all I’m asking ma’am I want to be very respectful, here is my question, when you mention who’s funding this audit if it’s private dollars is that illegal?

Fifield: If Private money is paying for a public audit, I don’t know if that breaks any laws or not.

Jones: If private money paying for a public audit? Next question.


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Ben Snyder June 11, 2021
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It looks like he has her peeing in her pants!  
Babsan June 11, 2021
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Great questions for the harebrained MSM folks.They are some of the dumbest uninformed people around
jan deen June 10, 2021
| | |
Do they really send babies out to play journalists who are this clueless?:  guess so!