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Ilhan Omar Reintroduces Legislation That Would Destroy US Economy


Ilhan Omar has reintroduced a bill that will forgive and cancel all rent and mortgage payments from coast to coast because of the pandemic. The bill would also create a fund that would fully reimburse landlords for the money they will never collect.

What kind of inflationary pressure would this create?  How much do you want to bet this would never end.  It would be the perfect way to transition into a system where the government owns EVERYTHING … perhaps that is her real ‘endgame’.

Just think how totally impossible what she is proposing is. How much money would need to be set aside to cover landlord losses?

Add up the number of people who pay rent or a mortgage and then figure out what 12 months worth of rent and mortgages would be. Just how much money would that amount to? The number must be staggering.

There is no place to go for the exact numbers but it is easy for us to comprehend that the government could not possibly put together a fund large enough to reimburse everyone.

Currently, all of the back rent you owe must be paid but under Omar’s plan, you owe nothing, and credit reporting agencies cannot hit your credit score for the delinquent payments.

The government cannot force you to forgive the money that’s owed to you because the 5th Amendment includes a clause that says when the federal government seizes private property they must pay the owner a fair price for what they took.

Ayanna Pressley said:

“With the economic impact of this pandemic worsening and the threat of eviction and homelessness looming large for families nationwide, we must take every measure possible to keep families safely housed, forgive all rental debt, and ensure that the credit scores of hard hit families are not forever tarnished.”

From Breitbart News

Additionally, the legislation establishes a “Landlord Relief Fund,” overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to reimburse landlords for the loss of rent payments.

According to a press release, Omar also wishes to:

…create an optional buyout fund to fully finance the purchase of private rental properties by non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts, and states or local governments—in order to increase the availability of affordable housing during this downturn.

“While the American Rescue Plan extends the national rent moratorium—this is not a long-term solution. People across this country will be forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back rent when it ends,” Omar said.

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jim May 4, 2021
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Omar tries to make herself look like a devout Muslim, wearing the requisite head towel, and trying to look like she's on her way to mosque.  But on the inside, she considers herself a revolutionary carrying an AK and strapping a bomb around her waist, and swinging a sword across someone's neck. When Satan gets a hold of a willing person, he can get that person do do unspeakable evil acts.
PeterAllen May 4, 2021
| | |
What a no good bitch, hope voters with a brain give her a NO vote in the next election.
Ollie May 4, 2021
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LtBill May 4, 2021
| | |
Ilhan is a prime example of why we CANNOT allow Muslims to come into the USA.  And any American whoi converst to Islam should be promptly expelled. Muslims have been the enemies of Wetern civilization since 700 AD.  Thank goodness for King Jan Sobieski of Poland in 1683 at Vienna. He wiped the bastards out!
Jack May 4, 2021
| | |
Hi everybody, anatomical-separation-provider (asp) here. First we separate her head, second insert head up her ass, third send her back to Somalia.
Barto May 3, 2021
| | |
How about we CANCEL this Muslim Witch's ticket and send her back to the Desert hell-hole that she was rescued from and where she BELONGS!
JIM March 13, 2021
| | |
Too late, Biden beat her to it.
Mark March 12, 2021
| | |
This Muslim bitch needs to go. The muslims are going to fuck up america
Carlotta Howard March 12, 2021
| | |
That's a dumb idea