HIV + Pedo Finally Gets Exactly What’s Coming To Him


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Columbus Donovan Jeffrey of Jacksonville admitted uploading the sick images online

An HIV positive Florida man has been sentenced to 60 years in federal prison, after admitting to assaulting an 11-year-old child, and uploading the sick images of the abuse to the internet.

Columbus Donovan Jeffrey, 44, of Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested in 2019, after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) were alerted to his online exploits, court documents detail. On May 3rd 2019, a user known as “hideme1977,” later identified as Jeffrey, used Tumblr to upload various photos to the internet taken by him, showing the sexual abuse of an 11-year-old child, of which he was the perpetrator. Florida detectives later discovered that the child had been abused by Jeffrey, who is HIV Positive, on at least three separate occasions in 2019.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office conducted a forensic examination of Jeffrey’s phone, which not only revealed further images of his sexual abuse of the child in question, but that he also maintained an extensive collection of child pornography, including 635 images and 57 videos depicting the sexual abuse of other minors, with several of them depicting the rape of infants and toddlers.

Reports at the time of his arrest revealed that Jeffrey’s home was apparently a “neighbourhood hangout” for kids. Phontella Reeves, whose son would “routinely play” at his home, said that Jeffrey had asked her out of the blue if her son could spend the night, to which she emphatically refused. “I felt some type of way, I swear I felt some type of way,” Reeves said. “Now, I know that [expletive] was true in my heart. My heart was telling me something wasn’t right.”

Jeffrey was initially charged by Florida prosecutors on a number of counts, including sexual intercourse without disclosure of being HIV positive, possession of child pornography, sexual performance by a child, sexual battery of a victim over 12 but under 18, among other charges. Having pled guilty to all counts in December last year, Jeffrey was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison this week. He has also been ordered to serve a lifetime term of supervised release and pay $24,000 to child victims of sexual abuse. He will be placed on the sex offenders registry.

Rachel L Rojas, the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Jacksonville Division, said that the acts committed by Jeffrey “are among the most egregious that we have investigated”:

Predators who exploit innocent children are among the most evil criminals in society… This case proves that the FBI Jacksonville Division is fully committed to holding child predators accountable for their actions, and we remain dedicated to ensuring that criminals like him cannot bring harm to the most vulnerable members of our communities ever again. We are thankful for the partnership of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in the relentless effort to seek justice for these victims. Be assured our work will not end here.


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Flip May 30, 2021
| | |
That guy is 100% a trump supporter.
emma May 5, 2021
| | |
this is why we need the '''death penalty'''.  not another creep to feed of the tax dollars.there is no justice for the familys or these children. i just hate when parents say they i forgive them and visit them in the hell can anyone forgive this?? i guess they do not think of these children and how scared and horrified they where. never forgive such sick ,degenarets.  
edward champigny May 5, 2021
| | |
Georg Soroes is coming for your kids...... You will give me  your children to sacrifice for LGBT and  and all the BLM Sports players. Most of them are pedophiles.  Thy just want to be with your kids in kindergarten. Playing with them!!!!! and teach them SEX!!!!!!!and how to be like them. You will give them to me because you are Afread. Afread Afread. I am the white Supremacy and they are my slaves. I will  make you kill each other. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.  I owen BLM They are so dumb they kill and destroy there owen cities. For 15.00 an hour.  Now they come for your kids..... I will chang your boys to sissy and the girles to Demon Witche who will sell there kids for there blood. Or starve. There will be no food.  The pedophiles with Satan and the Slave Traders, Obama, Biden, and Kamala Harris. Send your email join us  [email protected]. Save your kids lifes.     Keep Your Handes Off Our Kids      
Ort May 5, 2021
| | |
His death should take 1 year. One painful, looooong year. I volunteer. 
Hank Bradley May 4, 2021
| | |
This guy deserves more than 60 years in a fed prison, he deserves a hot poker jammed up his ass as far as it will go!
Mack the Knife May 4, 2021
| | |
If ever there was a case where taxpayers would be willing to foot the bill for sex reassignment surgery, this is it.
Reaper May 4, 2021
| | |
And yet Hunter Biden walks free.....