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Dominoes! Fmr Democrat Demands Forensic Audit In Georgia!


Republican Vernon Jones was a Democrat until the year 4AD. (After Donald) , has decided to call a press conference to announce that he is planning to convince Georgia legislators to vote for a forensic audit of the entire state of Georgia. The title of the event is “Call For Forensic Audit”.

It is his hope that the entire state can undergo a forensic audit to determine if Joe Biden did actually win the state in 2020 but obviously he doesn’t believe that is so.

To my fellow Georgians – who share my concern for the integrity and security of our elections – I invite you to join me at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta for a press conference tomorrow at 11:00am.

I will be making a huge announcement.

Jones had been considering running for Governor of Georgia in 2022. he was not happy with the way Gov Brian Kemp laid down and allowed the Democrats to walk all over him. He says he is eying the race with interest as he tries to decide whether or not to run. He blames Kemp for Georgia going into the Biden bracket even though there is ample reason to question the results.

From Clarion News

Jones called for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to resign immediately after it was brought to light that he edited then released a recording of former President Trump in an effort to embarrass him publicly. Trump had been requesting help from Raffensperger in investigating the 2020 election and Raffensperger declined to do anything then released the edited telephone conversation. Jones’ tweet can be seen below:

“It has now been uncovered that the Georgia Secretary of State’s released a deceptively edited recording of the President, in attempt to embarrass him and mislead the public. He should resign immediately. Georgians deserve better.”

There has been much push back on the Maricopa County audit we have previously reported:

Earlier today we reported on the audit taking place in Maricopa County which started today. Democrats sued to have the audit stopped and were told they would need to post a $1 Million dollar bond to provide for any extra cost. According to a tweet by Jeremy Duda, the Democrats will not post the bond this is allowing the audit to continue.

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