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LMAO: Ratings For Biden SOTU Are In … It’s Clear America Knows He’s Not Legit


Everyday it becomes more and more clear that Americans are just not buying the story that Joe Biden got 80,000,000 votes.  It’s just not plausible.

There are two indications that the Biden regime is not legitimate.

First:  The Democrats are working at breakneck speed to rig all future elections & pack the Supreme Court.  They have fortified Congress and tried to turn the events of January 6th into an excuse to round up as many Trump supporters as they can and lock them up for life.

You don’t do these things from a position of strength, you do them because you fear the people are on to you and that they will revolt.

Second: Joe Biden could not fill a middle school gymnasium as ‘President of the United States’. FFS, even Jimmy Carter had some people who respected him because of the office.  Americans have ZERO interest in attending Biden events.

I do this for a living and honestly, if I did not see a story at the last minute about how Pelosi was not letting more than 200 members of Congress into the SOTU, despite all the lawmakers being ‘vaccinated’ (🤡 world theater at it’s finest)I would have had no idea that the sleep old CCP stand-in was even speaking.

Well, apparently I was not the only one who didnt know … or care that Biden was addressing the nation …

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

‘Joe Biden’s jumbled word salad remarks to a joint session of congress, an effort at a State of the Union speech, drew an audience rating less than one-third of President Trump’s speech in 2020.

TV Ratings for Presidential Addresses:

President Trump 2017 – 48,000,000

President Trump 2018 – 46,000,000

President Trump 2019 – 46,800,000

President Trump 2020 – 37,200,000

—–> Joe Biden 2021 – 11,600,000 😂😂😂🤡😂😂😂

That’s over a 60% decrease in viewership.   No crowds ever attended his rallies.  There was no crowd at his installation.  There are no views for his on-line speeches.  The audience for his regular speeches are non-existent.  Virtually no viewers at home.  An empty chamber for his speech,… and yet we are to believe he received 81 million votes.’

For those keeping score at home, that is OVER 75 % LESS viewers than President Trump … and this with people still stuck with nothing to do in their homes in blue states.

The idea that this man, who NO ONE would tune in to watch got more votes than any president in history is a freaking JOKE.  I’m sorry but it’s just not plausible.

Believe your eyes America. We know it, they know it, the world knows it, an impostor is pretending to be POTUS.

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Thanks, Terry

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Ollie April 30, 2021
| | |
Dementia Joe , has lost over 60million voters in the first 100 days of his STOLEN ELECTION FOR THE PRESIDENT OF NO ONE , HE ACTS AS THOUGH OBAMA IS PULLING HIS STRINGS , WONDER WHAT THE NEXT 100 days will bring 
Charles April 30, 2021
| | |
Joke of an election, joke of a man,  people cant be this stupid to buy into all the propaganda by the communist news media.   Kudos to the author of this article, all of it hits home because it is true,, SUPREME COURT SHOULD BE ASHAMED.  John Roberts , a rail and hot tar awaits you, forget the feathers.
bARTO April 30, 2021
| | |
The biggest JOKE about his so-called address came from CBS when they claimed CLUELESS JOE got an 85% approval rating for his address....Do they seriously think that anyone with just a smidgen of Common Sense and a few working brian cells left would have given  an approval raing for his "nothing burger" rambling Speech which was full of LIES and pure B/S? CBS, we have read how you conducted your so-called POLL and the MATH does not COMPUTE!
Fire21 April 30, 2021
| | |
This was not a SOTU. This was merely an address to the nation, although few paid attention. A real SOTU should have been held much earlier.  Besides, we don't need President lame-brain to tell us the sorry-a$$ shape of our nation, thanks to him and his cohorts.
ROLLAND April 30, 2021
| | |
You'd think that with 80,000,000 "votes" he would have had at least 60,000,000 watching his SOTU address!! LOL!!