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Labron James Just Got Ass Handed To Him By Black Patriot, Kim Klacik! “Please Read a Book …’


Lmao, it’s not everyday that you see Labron James get dunked on … and I don’t think it’s even been done by a woman (on the court that is).

Well, don’t look now but Kim Klacik is hanging on the rim with her business all in ‘King James” face.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Billionaire athlete LeBron James on Wednesday threatened the Columbus police officer who shot 15-year-old knife-wielding Ma’Kiyah Bryant.

LeBron James posted a photo of the police officer and said, “YOU’RE NEXT” with an hourglass sand clock emoji.

James later took the tweet down.

If ANY conservative posted a similar post they would be banned from Twitter in a second.

But Lebron has liberal privilege.’

After basically soliciting 50 million followers to hunt down and murder the officer who shoot a crazed woman who appeared to be on a stabbing spree, Labron went into CYA mode, posting the following ironic tweet, laced with an astounding lack of self awareness:

‘I’m so damn tired of seeing [b]lack people killed by police.  I took the tweet down because its being used to create more hate -This isn’t about one officer. ‘[I]t’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism.I am so desperate fort more ACCOUNTABLITY’

Could you imagine being this unaware of your own guilt?  For the record, this is the tweet that Labron insinuated white people were using to gin up more hate …

I used to respect Labron when he first came on the scene and there is no denying his talent to dribble a ball and throw it into a hole.  However, what the good Lord gave Labron in athletic ability, he also withheld in cognitive aptitude and self awareness.

It sure seems to me that the so called ‘leaders’ of the BLM movement have no interest in ‘equality’ and equal treatment under the law, they want to be the new slave masters.  BLM’s most vocal appear to want a racial hierarchy, in which all other races are subject to their hate and whims.

Republican rockstar and former congressional candidate, Kim Klacik knocked Labron right on his ass with a tweet that was perfect:

‘I hear u, but pls, read a book. The system in place was created by the very guy you supported in the presidential election. This very BIG mistake makes you part of the problem. You can’t support the 1994 Crime Bill author & complain about police brutality, it’s one in the same.’

To quote Labron ‘I don’t think a lot of people was educated’:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Maybe Labron should stick to the sports ball and lave the thinking to people like Ms. Klacik.

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Thanks, Terry

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Be April 23, 2021
| | |
Duh, does anyone realise, or acknowledge that being black, brown, (or ANY other race/color), is not a license to live in an uncivil manner?  My ancesters were not well off, but had very high standards.  The parents and the entire black community is focusing on the WRONG thing, they to look to them themselves.  They have been given every oppunity, the standards have been lowers in every area, they claim it is NOT enough.  Blacks have been sorely mislead.  You can not have true respect and equality unless the qualifications for positions are THE SAME.  Being poor doesn't equate with inequality, just ask Ben Carson, who is obviosly superior to most of us.    Being poor, does NOT translate into to being drug addicts, dealers, thieves, robbers and murderers, it is their mothers and fathers,and their culture, failing their children!
grrumpa April 23, 2021
| | |
Kim, it's a nice thought about James reading a book, but the fact is, he can't read. I suppose with all his money, he can afford to have someone read to him. Huh, the poor guy.
Upsidedownjack April 23, 2021
| | |
If something should happen to this Police Officer, so much as aHam ngnail, stubbed toe,  ANYTHING, JAMES SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH THE CRIME OF???
Richard Blodgett April 23, 2021
| | |
LeBron doesn't know what he's talking about. It doesn't take any smarts to dribble a ball and throw it in a hole that's not moving. He's like many professional athletes. They think they know when the really don't. They have lost touch with reality. If they want to help, tell their people to stop shooting each other and when ordered/asked by police to stop, do it. It seems like too many people (whites included) don't think before speaking or responding. It's time to truly think and stop the stupidity.
Paul Thomas April 22, 2021
| | |
Anyone ,any company , corrupt politicians, that make money from China, get out of the USA, Soros I would rather see you go to Russia.
Paul Lamothe April 22, 2021
| | |
Stick to the only thing your good at Basket Ball and shut up you Ignorant brain dead race baiting asshole!
Rosalie McCracken April 22, 2021
| | |
Commie, he needs to move to China , they love him there. 👺👿🤡👺
terry gardner April 22, 2021
| | |
If we wanted to hear from someone that chases a ball, we would ask our DOG
jim April 22, 2021
| | |