Ilhan Omar Calls America ‘SATAN’ While Insulting American Soldiers Who Saved Her Family [ICYMI]

FLASHBACK: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s un-American comments and her proclivity to insult American military troops just went to 11 on the BS Meter.

It seems that the Minnesota Democrat is not happy with the American soldiers who died heroes and saved her family’s life.

She has referred to their heroic liberation of her home country as terrorism.

One American soldier who fought in the battle of Mogadishu and survived is making her wish she had never tweeted.

Many Americans are familiar with the situation in Mogadishu, Somalia which involved American soldiers tragically losing their lives back in in 1993 under then-President Bill Clinton.

They were tasked with saving the Somali population from a tyrannical warlord who was starving his own people.

Representative Omar’s family members were luckier than many and thanks to American forces, her family escaped to Kenya.

The event was made into a popular movie called “Blackhawk Down,”  which depicts the events surrounding the “Battle of Mogadishu.”

President George H.W. Bush sent our soldiers to back up the United Nation peacekeepers after these diabolical warlords were starving the famine-struck Somalia.

The U.N. is ineffective in these types of situations as they aren’t allowed to fire their weapons even if civilians are being gunned down.

It’s the same situation which occurred in Rwanda and Bosnia where the United Nations looked the other way while genocide happened. That’s why it was so dangerous for our American soldiers who also had “rules of engagement.”

And now we have uncovered Rep. Omar’s disgraceful tweet insulting the American soldiers who saved her life in that third-world hellhole called Mogadishu, Somalia. She is calling those who rescued her the terrorists.

“Omar was responding to another tweet about the Battle of Mogadishu. The battle ultimately took the lives of 19 American soldiers and wounded 73 others, and it became the subject of the famous Hollywood movie “Black Hawk Down,”‘ reported the Daily Caller.

“In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatan,” tweeted Rep. Omar.

Enter Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb, who has something to say to Omar about the “Battle of Mogadishu” as he was there and was lucky enough to survive. “I take special exception to Omar’s disgusting comments because I served in the Battle of Mogadishu, which was later portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down,” Lamb begins.

“The simple truth is that Omar enjoys the fruits of American combat deaths, yet she can’t even bring herself to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that was made on her behalf, either as a Somali or an American,” Lamb said. “Her clan didn’t stand a chance against Aidid and Habar Gidirs (warlords), so I don’t blame her for leaving.”

“But I do blame her for attacking those of us who had zero personal interest or investment in her nation for doing our jobs on behalf of our country. And I blame her for smearing American servicemen because we answered the call of our nation to address the violent barbarism of hers,” Kyle Lamb declared.

And Americans are also letting Omar have it. “If it wasn’t for America and it’s troops, you’d still be living in a mud hut. Be thankful your ungrateful ass got a ticket to come over to the greatest country ever and start showing it,” said Twitter user “I’m In The Shower.”

“Tell us why …. you and your Family were in refugee camps and now living in Minnesota .. why did you flee your Country instead of defending it .. why did you and your Family not seek sanctuary in a Muslim Country ??” tweeted “Fordicus.”

“Wow, my apologies that the American military is better trained and equipped than the army of a Somalian warlord. I am *so* sorry that the country you claim to represent won the Battle of Mogadishu with minimal casualties. You’re about as American as Mohamed Farrah Aidid [Somali warlord],” tweeted Anhaf Kalam.

Where’s the mainstream media? Can you imagine if this was a Republican Congressman smearing the very American heroes who saved their life?

Where’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Isn’t it about time she called for an ethics investigation into Omar? It’s crystal clear Ilhan Omar cannot be trusted to live up to her sworn allegiance to “protect and defend” this country.

All Americans need to know just how deranged this Somali immigrant has become and every American should be sharing this information to push the Democrats to do the right thing.

If we make enough noise, Pelosi will have no other choice than to investigate and expel Omar from Congress. This woman has severe mental issues and it’s time the Democrats open their eyes before it’s too late.


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