Bill Gates Is Threatening Earth W/ Annihilation Again, Unless We …

Bill Gates, if you are like me, just reading his name likely made your blood pressure shoot up a dozen points.

Back around 1999 or so I remember my friend and her father talking about Bill Gates and his extraordinary wealth that he generated from Microsoft.  My friend said that Bill Gates was a genius.

Her father replied ‘he’s not a genius, he’s a pirate’

I’ll never forget what she said back to her Dad: ‘Yes, but in sheer dollars, he is the greatest pirate that ever lived’.

Obviously that has stuck with me though the years.  Although 22 years have passed, Bill Gates is still up to no good, except this time its not computer operating systems and security he is focused on monetizing, its human’s OS and security against infection, ie, our immune systems.

If you though that this was whee Gates was going to stop, at controlling the GLOBAL vaccine market, trying to force the governments of the world to pay for every person on Earth’s vaccination (which I have a feeling will soon be mandatory, in one form or another), you were wrong.

I still remember Bill’s threat about the ‘next’ pandemic, which he seems to be 100% sure is coming, and also seems to be pretty stoked about it.  Check out the clip, his bride seems to be loving it as well.  Now, why would that be what do they know?  After this clip, I’ll tell you about Bill’s new threat aimed at planet Earth …

Now, Bill also seems to love crashing the global economy, in order to consolidate his control over it.  don’t believe me, just look at what a kick he gets out of thinking about it:

So, what is Bill’s latest threat to Earth?  We are all going to die.  Yup, you got that right, we are all going to die because of … weather.

Fox News whitewashed the threat with their coverage:

‘Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates warned that there will be dire consequences if the world does not achieve zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050.

In his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Gates says that it is imperative that the world go from the current 51 billion tons of emissions to zero within the next 30 years to avoid catastrophe.

“The migration that we saw out of Syria for their civil war, which was somewhat weather dependent, we’re going to have 10 times as much migration because the equatorial areas will become unlivable,” Gates told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, warning what will happen if the goal is not reached. “We won’t be able to farm or go outside during the summer. Wildfires, even the farming productivity in the south of the U.S. – the droughts – will reduce productivity in the area dramatically.”

Gates went on to say that the loss of life would be greater than even the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The instability overall will be five times as many deaths at the peak of the pandemic and going up every year,” he said.

While 2050 is Gates’ cutoff point, he said this is really just a matter of “degree.”

“If we wait 10 more years it’s not as bad as if we wait 20 or we wait 30, because the temperature just keeps going up,” he said. Gates said he is looking at 2050 because it “happens to be the soonest realistic date for the world to change all of these sorts of emissions.”‘

Even Gates knows that the most dangerous person in the world’s (AOC) ‘plan’ (which I’m pretty sure was originally written in purple crayon on construction paper) that she likes to call ‘The Green New Deal’ and we like to call ‘The Plan To Collapse The US Economy’ is beyond absurd.

Fox quoted the Bond styled villain as admitting “It’s completely unrealistic,” when asked about the GND.

If you thought shooting things into the entire world’s blood stream was Bill’s endgame, you have not seen anything yet.  It seems like his grand finally will be the one who controls the weather, and the energy sector, which just so happens to be the most important sector there is, as without energy, there is nothing.


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