Biden HUMILIATED At His CORONATION – Does Anyone Believe He Won This Election?

Do you remember when the media lied about Trump’s inauguration crowd, using a picture taken hours before the event even started?

Trump had an enormous crowd, and the fact is, he has 1000x more support than Biden did today.

Patriots braving the cold and leftist violence to see Trump sworn in

Are there people who do not like Trump, yes, plenty.  You can thank the Chinese controlled media for that.  However when it comes to love for Biden … there is none, zip, zero, zilch.

The more time goes on, the more I’m starting to think that this whole COVID BS was either orchestrated, or at the very least maximized in so many ways to push the agenda of the CCP past the goal line.

I mean, how else would the CCP, errr, I mean White House, explained the lack of people at Biden’s inauguration?

This picture marks the end of American exceptionalism and the start of the Chinese Century. Thanks Democrats.

The Gateway Pundit wrote:

‘Joe Biden was sworn in today as the 46th President of the United States.

They say he had 81 million votes.

No one turned out to see Biden. A few hundred or maybe a thousand listened to him blather and slur his words.

Biden had ten times as many military men and women protecting his inauguration today like they do in any lawless banana republic.

The elites fear the people they want to lord over.’

John Cardillo of Newsmax wrote:

‘It was never about COVID or Civil unrest.

Truth is, Biden simply could not generate an inauguration crowd and the optics would have been devastating’ 

‘The line to the bathroom at Trump rallies, are larger than Biden’s crowd’

It’s sad to think about but the truth is that this is exactly the image of what the left has turned American into.

A Chinese controlled puppet, with dementia, blabbering nonsense and projection into a mic, inside a military skiff, with walls and armed guards to keep the public away, all while the MSM fawns.

This is the very definition of a banana republic!


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