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Look, commenting on, or speculating about this interview is Plutonium on social media.  What I mean is, if I were to speculate about the accusations and connections Maria is making and the Senator seems to not be denying, I would most likely be cens*red and likely deplatformed.  This is the life of a Trump supporting opinion publisher on social media.

So, instead of commenting and speculating, here is the transcript of the interview between Bartiromo and the sitting United States Senator, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin:

Maria Bartiromo: Senator, real quick, what is going to be coming out in the coming weeks?  We understand here on Sunday Morning Futures there is more to come and there is further analysis of the subpoenas handwriting and it suggests that the subpoena was served by an FBI agent whose name is Joshua Wilson.

Over the last five years he has been working on child pornography issues.  Connect the dots.  An FBI agent is working on child pornography issues for 5 years, why is he subpoenaing the laptop of Hunter Biden?

Is there a connection here?  Should this suggest that there is a child pornography issue here on that laptop?

United States Senator Ron Johnson:  ‘Well, I think you just made the connection.  This is what the FBI, I think, has to come clean about.

This isn’t a standard investigation.  Where, you know, if the FBI doesn’t indict somebody, all the information remains confidential.  This is something that, as we were talking about, relates to national security. If there is criminal activity involved that could be tied to Hunter Biden, or his associates, or even, possibly, tied back to other members of the Biden family, as some of thee emails indicate,  that Joe Biden was fully aware of this.  That he was taking his 10% cut, or requiring 50% from his family members salary, this needs to be known before Americans go to the polls.

Bartiromo: ‘So what the FBI agent who served the subpoena investigating child pornography, Senator?’

Senator Johnson: ‘Well, you just read the news report, I can’t comment any further. I don’t want to speculate, other than to say, what I said publicly before.  Our report, uncovered so many troubling connections, so many things that need to be investigated, that I really think we’re just scratching the surface.’

I’ve heard all kinds of things that I think will be revealed over the next few days.  There is a treasure trove of emails and videos and pictures, and not only on the propertied computer of Hunter Biden, but now we got the coconspirator, Bevan Cooney, that is also starting to reveal information.  I guess we are probably going to find new information everyday over the next couple weeks.’

Bartiromo: ‘And then, real quick, just to be clear, there are three laptops in question, correct?  There is one from Archer, one from Hunter Biden and one from Hunter Biden’s psychiatrist?’

The fact that the United States Senator did not flat out deny the allegations about child sex abuse on the laptop is astounding.  One would think that that kind of innuendo would be shot down immediately if there was no ‘there, there.’  If any of this proves to be true Christopher Wray needs to be tried for Misprision of Treason tomorrow, along with the rest of the FBI, DOJ and anyone else who was aware of this and did nothing but conceal and cover it up.

This is the turning point for America.  I know not everyone likes Trump and how he behaves sometimes.  When you compare Trump tweeting too much to a president potentially compromised by the biggest threat to Western Civilization, communist China, we can live with the tweets.  We can not live with communists controlling the White House.  You can watch the video HERE.


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