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Police Investigating Shooting Inside Seattle’s ‘No Cop,’ CHAZ Zone

Now I am really confused.

I thought doing away with police made everyone safer…

Yesterday, two people were shot inside the CHOP zone in Seattle, one fatally.

The second man was shot in the arm and the chest. He is expected to survive.

The police say they met with resistance as they tried to enter CHOP to investigate the shootings.

Videos recorded Saturday morning show volunteer medics scrambling to treat the two victims.

There were somewhere between three and six gunshots and there were multiple reports to the police about the gunfire.

Included into the CHOP section is a police precinct that the city surrendered to the domestic terrorists.

Unless I miss my guess, no one will ever be brought to justice for the shooting. And my second guess is that you would be hard-pressed to find out about the shooting on the mainstream media.

Police gathered shell casings and other evidence but no motive or suspects immediately emerged.

The victims were transported to a volunteer medical center in the occupied territory within the People’s Republic of Seattle.

From Newsweek

Local videographers from Converge Media first reported that one of the victims was transported by non-ambulance locals to the Harborview protest camp staffed by medical volunteers. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported the man was dead when he arrived at the volunteer medical camp. Video showed several people on the street announcing that one of the victims was dead in front of the Rancho Bravo restaurant at 10th and Pine Street.

Seattle Police have previously investigated several alleged break-ins and arson incidents over the past week, but no shootings. However, one suspect named Nikolas Fernandez was charged with one count of first-degree assault over a June 8 incident in which police say he drove into a crowd of protesters at 11th and Pine before shooting a man who attempted to disarm him.


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