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Opinion| ‘Trump Curse’ Strikes Again! After Red Sox Manager Trashes Trump, Alex Cora Gets Suspended

Opinion| Lawrence David| You just gotta love this story.  

Remember when the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series and were invited to visit the White House and the team’s manager decided he wouldn’t accompany the team?

That manager, Alex Cora, decided to skip the visit because he felt that President Trump had short-changed the level of relief sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Cora had bought into the lies that Puerto Rico had been shortchanged by U.S. relief funding.  The fact was that Puerto Rico had been given more money for disaster relief than any state in U.S. history was lost on Cora, and just about everyone else who trusted the Democrat propaganda media.

Trump absorbed the snub but, in May 2019, the president decided to let the world know just how massive the relief package he sent to Puerto Rico actually was.

The sanctimonious Red Sox manager, operating on left wing spin, decided his moral and ethical compass forbid hid from accepting President Trump’s invitation.

It’s hard to see how Cora, a native of Puerto Rico, never considered that Democrats were pushing a false narrative to bolster funding to the island government because they were extracting enormous sums of money from their association with the Democrat dominated Puerto Rican government.

Well guess what Cora was up to while his conscience was preventing him from attending the White House? 

At the same time he was trashing President Trump for supposedly lacking the moral fortitude to throw more money into a corrupt cesspool, Alex Cora was stealing baseball’s championship by cheating.

What a freakin’ hypocrite!

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s released the following statement:

“Cora arranged for a video room technician to install a monitor displaying the center field camera feed immediately outside of the Astros’ dugout … One or more players watched the live feed of the center field camera on the monitor, and after decoding the sign, a player would bang a nearby trash can with a bat to communicate the upcoming pitch type to the batter.”

The Boston Red Sox fired manager Alex Cora on Tuesday. 

Was this another case of the Trump Curse? You can decide for yourself. 


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