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Breaking: Ukraine Withdraws Statement Ruling Out Terror or Rocket Attack On 737 in Iran


OPINION| SPECULATION| Lawrence David| A series of unexplained events surrounding and stemming from a plane crash immediately upon takeoff from Iran’s Tehran airport, coupled with the breaking news of the Ukrainian-Clinton/Obama-Iranian nexus that resulted in specialized steel required for the manufacture of centrifuges used to enrich Plutonium, has raised our suspicions.

According to our sources, Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk was given a waiver by former President Obama’s then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to sell highly-specialized steel to Iran despite pre-existing sanctions forbidding the transaction.

Pinchuk was also reported to have played a role in Ukraine’s efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Oh, and Pinchuk was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation.  

Then there are these suspicious actions and reactions. 

Iranian state TV said the Boeing 737-800 crashed because of an engine fire due to a technical fault, but they are refusing to turn the black box over to Boeing, according to a report by Reuters. 

If the crash resulted from an equipment malfunction – the Boeing 737-800 is one of, if not, the safest and most widely used passenger planes ever built – why wouldn’t Iran release the plane’s black box if it could help prove Iran had no involvement in taking the plane down?

And, why did Ukraine’s embassy in Iran delete an initial statement saying the plane crashed as a result of engine failure?

The idea that an engine fire could bring down an airliner is somewhat specious given the fact that the engines on the Boeing 737-800 are made to shut down in the event of a fire while the others are sufficient to allow the plane to land safely…

(Telegraph.co.uk) 9:00 Ukrainian President instructs prosecutors to open criminal proceedings.

Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, said his government was working to understand the causes of the crash…

…Mr. Zelenskyy, in a statement on the president’s website, said he had ordered the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to open criminal proceedings over the UIA plane crash in Tehran

9:20 Ukraine withdraws statement ruling out terror or rocket attack.

Having initially said the plane crash was due to engine failure and not foul play, there is now a new statement on the Ukrainian embassy website.

It reads: “A commission is working to clarify the causes of the plane crash.  Any statements regarding the causes of the accident prior to the findings of the commission are not official.”

The earlier line ruling out terrorism or a rocket attack as possible causes have been removed.

If a malfunction was truly believed to have been the cause why have so many countries – including alleged allies of Iran – suspending flights over Iran-Iraq airspace including Russia and China?

If our suspicions are confirmed, it would be another example of witnesses against the Clintons conveniently dying before they could testify.  

This is all speculative of course pending the release of the flight manifest and investigation of those unfortunate souls who lost their lives last night.

We will follow up on this story as further reporting either verifies our suspicions or shows there’s no further corroborating evidence.

What do you think is the REAL STORY here?

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