Cornered C0up Button Man, Schiff & Co, Illegally Using NSA Databases To Spy On John Solomon & POTUS, AT&T Implicated According To Laura Ingraham & Fred Fleitz

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  Laura Ingraham dropped a huge bombshell on America.

If Mrs. Ingraham’s sources are in fact correct, every last American should be terrified of what will happen if the Democrats, actually, WHEN the Democrats, eventually gain back all three branches of government.

The ramifications of this revelation, again, if proven to be true, signals to me, the death of any semblance of privacy in our once free Republic.  The Stasi would look at the United State Surveillance State with envy.  Never in history has a despot dreamed of having the ability violate as many of our privacy rights as the US government and their DS owners do today.

Before we give you the details, a little context:

Back in February, 2019, we reported that:

Evidence of the administration’s abuse of the FBI and NSA FISA-702(16)(17) regulations has been known for nearly two years.

Former Justice Department attorney Sidney Powell appeared on investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure to discuss the Obama White House’s illegal political surveillance of candidate Donald Trump during the months leading up to the 2016 election:

That these illegal searches took place are not in question.  FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer wrote a scathing 99-page rebuke of the utter disregard for the law that was shown in allowing access to the NSA database to be violated by third-party contractors:

The findings of Judge Collyer are both clear and damning to the trust Americans have placed in the FBI:

Judge Collyer discovered that 85 percent of all database searches were unlawfully carried out by FBI contractors.  (page 82 of Collyer’s report)

85% of the NSA’s search queries relating to FISA warrants, using their classified tools, were, essentially, done illegally, or at the very least were ‘not compliant with applicable minimization.’

In other words (my words, not Judge Collyer’s,) the NSA and their pals were using the most sensitive databases as their own personal playgrounds, with little to no respect for our God given rights to privacy.

Fast forward to today:

The Gateway Pundit explains: ‘Laura Ingraham on Thursday invited guest Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst, to discuss Adam Schiff’s surveillance of President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Devin Nunes and reporter John Solomon’s phone calls.

On Tuesday Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff released his highly political impeachment report that omitted several key facts from the interviews and the case. The report bogus report also contained phone records from Rep. Devin Nunes, President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and investigative reporter John Solomon.’

The Gateway Pundit went on to report that Laura Ingraham dropped a bomb on her audience Thursday night, stating that the DS’ NSA allegedly, helped Adam Schiff, presumably illegally, surveil one of the most influential reporters of our time, John Solomon, and the President of the United States of America’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Now, I wonder why they are working so hard to undermine and find dirt on Rudy?  It couldn’t be that they are weaponizing, err, continuing to weaponize the digital panopticon against Rudy because of this, now could it?

Or this?

Clearly this is a bridge too far.  We have suspected, and quite frankly known, that the surveillance state was up to these kind of things for years now, but the fact that they only doubled down after being caught red handed is, quite frankly terrifying.

The Gateway Pundit opines that ” …the US surveillance state has become an arm of the Democrat Party.’  I may suggest that the US SS (United States Surveillance State) is more an arm of the globalist power structure, of which the Democrats are political agents of in the US, but the differentiation is of little practical significance.

Laura Ingraham: Well my sources tonight told me that what Schiff did and his committee was he went to one of the cell phone companies, ATT, yes… They had some numbers. They didn’t know whose numbers they were. They asked them tell us what these numbers have been engaged in. What calls these numbers have been making and placing. They took that information. They went to the NSA. The NSA aka “Deep State” then gave them the information that it was Rudy and others… That is from extremely reliable sources.

Fred Fleitz went on to add that AT&T willingly turned over the phone records to Democrat Adam Schiff, without a subpoena,  something that should not happen.

Welcome to 1984.

Get ready, because when the left gets power back, and it is eventually going to happen, like it or not, the preverbal S is going to hit the fan.


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