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Strippers Come Forward, Say They Used D**do On Hunter Biden Inside Strip Club

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Ok, let me start by apologizing for even writing about this.  I wish it did not feel obligated to, but I think it speaks to just how out of touch and above the law Hunter Biden thinks he is.  Never mind the idea that this family seems to be as ripe for compromise as … J Edgar Hoover.

Nothing against people who visit strip clubs, or the women who work there, I think both of these activities are well within each individual’s right to do so.

However, at the same time, I do think it is reasonable for us to make decisions about our perception of peoples’ character based on their actions, and Hunter Biden’s actions call his judgement, character and morality into question.

Usually, this would not be a huge story, except for the fact that the Bidens, their dealings in the Ukraine, and the fact that Hunter recently learned that he impregnated a former stripper, make it penitent.

The later of which is now relevant because, the Judge in the court case surrounding the custody of the child has just ordered 5 years of Hunter Biden’s financial records to be turned over to the court.  According to The Daily Mail, the disclosures will include data  concerning payments from Burisma.  Poetic, no?

So now that we know why this off the wall story is important, here is what the New York Post’s, Page Six,  reported:

Hunter Biden spent several thousand dollars at a Manhattan strip club during a pair of visits — including one that sent a staffer scrambling to buy a sex toy so strippers could use it on him, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

Biden — who’s been dogged by a series of strip-club allegations uncovered by The Post this week — was accompanied by a woman both times he went to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club NYC in Hell’s Kitchen about a year ago, the sources said.

On each occasion, he and his companion holed up in a private room, where they ordered bottles of pricey booze and were joined by several strippers, sources said.

During one particularly wild night, workers suspected Biden — son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the frontrunner in the Democratic primary race to challenge President Donald Trump — was high, and he was warned that drugs weren’t allowed on the premises, sources said.

That same night, a worker had to be sent out to purchase a dildo so the gals could use it on Hunter, sources said. …’ (emphasis mine)

This is not the first time Hunter, and his … ‘unconventional’ activities after dark have made news either.

The Daily Mail reported, in an article entitled “Washington D.C. strip club workers suspected Hunter Biden of ‘smoking crack’ when he was in a VIP room while on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma, report claims’ on the over the top allegations about Joe Biden’s spawn.

The article highlights a few key points:

-Hunter Biden, 49, is being accused of smoking crack in Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in Washington D.C. late last year, according to a Page Six report 

-Employees at the club said Biden was a regular there, who was often in the VIP room, drank and spent thousands of dollars

-It’s alleged that in late 2018 he was suspected of using drugs in the VIP room by the managing partner

-Biden served on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma from 2014 to April 2019 and was reportedly paid $50,000 a month 

-Biden has been in and out of rehab six times for alcoholism and addiction, including for cocaine relapse in 2016′

When you think about your problems these days, try to take a step back and realize, it could always be worse … you could be Hunter Biden.

Then ask yourself if you really want someone who is so ripe for compromise sitting in the big chair in the Oval Office …


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